Additional information and improvements have been made to Medicare.Gov and as a resource you can always find the link to the site on this blog under resources on imagethe right hand side.  In addition you can also find information on how to use the Blue Button to download your Medicare Information on file.  I actually like the MD locator as unlike the commercial sites that do this, Medicare is not attempting to create a monster for MDs to keep up with updating their information.  In addition you can also find some information specific to Medicare on what the various doctors honor at their practices.  In addition VA facility information has been included under the Hospital Compare services area.  BD 


Medicare.Gov Blue Button Download For Personal Health Record Information for Those Covered by Medicare


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has launched a single online location for consumers to find quality information about hospitals, nursing homes and physician offices so they can make informed choices about their health care.

CMS unveiled a quality “compare” finder portal so consumers can easily link to and evaluate the quality of care and services of providers in various health service sectors and get their contact information.

The agency also updated its Hospital Compare website to include how well hospitals protect outpatients from surgical infections and whether hospitals use proven therapies that reduce the risk of death on outpatients treated for suspected heart attacks.

Hospital Compare now includes information from the Veterans Affairs Department medical centers.

CMS wants consumers to have online tools available so they can act on information about where to receive high-quality care, said Dr. Don Berwick, CMS administrator.

CMS unveils quality compare finder portal | Government Health IT


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