Software companies continue to merge and acquire one another, the merging of the imagesoftware algorithms.  In this case the EHR system will be adding more financial accounting modules, and this seems to be pretty common place today to add the financial and/or billing capabilities to medical record systems.  BD

Houston-based Prognosis Health Information Systems Inc. is acquiring Creative Healthcare Systems Inc., based in Springfield, Mo.

Creative Healthcare Systems developed MedGenix, a financial management and patient accounting system. Prognosis developed ChartAccess Comprehensive EHR, an electronic medical-records system. The acquisition will allow Prognosis to add 18 new modules to its health-record system.

“Hospitals today — both big and small — are seeking to implement comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions that can help them optimize both their clinical and financial operations,” Jay Colfer, executive vice president of client solutions for Prognosis, said in a statement. “With this acquisition, Prognosis will be able to do just that.”


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