One more public company to go private and into the hands of private equity.  imageEmdeon has made several acquisitions of their own over the last few years such as this one from GE and more recently the purchase of Chapin Revenue Cycle for business intelligence. 

Emdeon Acquires Patient Statement Business From GE Healthcare

Emdeon Acquires Chapin Revenue Cycle Management – Hospital Revenue Cycle Business Intelligence

One large profitable Venture backed HMO, Bravo who is still kicking in record profits since their acquisition uses services for electronic services from Emdeon to check for eligibility.  Emdeon is another 3rd party company that supplies business intelligence software to hospitals, providers, etc. in the area of claim payments and more.  Here’s a part of the package is that is marketed, “Denial Manager”.  You might want to read up and check this out as this appears to be one of the programs a claim processing company may need to provide substantiation on coding, etc. when abuse or fraud is detected…more algorithms for processing claims and where the bucks are at with many cashing in here on Health IT.   

HealthSpring To Pay $545M For Bravo Health Medicare Company With Profits of 1 Billion in 2009-Over 800 Million in 2010 Thus Far

Business deals as business models change quite frequently in healthcare today too as mentioned at the link below. 

CIGNA to Drop Emdeon EDI Exclusivity for Insurance Claims Clearinghouse Services - Makes Room for Ingenix

This change allowed for Cigna to shop around and sign up for some work with the United Health Care subsidiary Ingenix, (now called Optum) so you can see where the chase for the formulas and numbers lies in revenue cycling sales and the priorities given here. These are all the financial algorithms folks.  Some of the revenue cycling and claim processing partnerships get very interesting today when you follow the daisy chain of subsidiaries and finally see who’s bottom line the profits feed. 

“The Emdeon Denial Manager solution allows providers to organize and manage remittance inventory; helps staff arrange, prioritize and monitor denials and imageunderpayments; and allows the accurate reporting and viewing of the denied and adjusted amounts. With the information produced by Emdeon Denial Manager, providers streamline the denial management process by determining root causes, patterns and process breakdowns responsible for denials, and establishing corrective steps to prevent future revenue loss or delay.”

As of late last year, Blackstone also owns about 66% of Vanguard Health Systems and I am not aware of any changes but just quoting a timeline here as Vanguard purchases bankrupts or near bankrupt facilities and then invests with capital improvements as what occurred at the Detroit Medical Center last year.  At Davos this year reporters caught up with the Chairman of Blackstone and there’s a video here with more information. 

State of the Union Message Was Clearly About Technology and Healthcare For Survival-Blackstone CEO Thoughts Are Positive from Davos (Video)

It certainly does get complicated today trying to keep track of who owns who and how much of “who” is owned and where the financials all link with our complicated financial and healthcare formulas today (the algorithms). Emdeon had sales of 1 billion last year and net income of over $19 billion.  BD

The Blackstone Group agreed on Thursday to buy Emdeon, a medical data services provider, for about $3 billion, including debt, in the latest takeover within the health care services industry.

Under the terms of the deal, Blackstone will pay $19 a share in cash, 17 percent above Emdeon’s closing price on Wednesday.

Emdeon’s biggest shareholders, the private equity firms General Atlantic and Hellman & Friedman, have both agreed to vote in favor of the deal. Together the two firms own about 70 percent of Emdeon’s stock.

Blackstone to Buy Emdeon for $3 Billion -


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