It’s all about health IT and analytics.  I try to cover most of the analytics as best I can imagehere but can you see the huge amounts of money spent with analytical algorithms to run healthcare today!  The company also has a section to offer assistance with setting up insurance exchanges.  Buy software to control cost is the name of the game it seems all over the US.  Health risk assessments are also listed on the website. 

Fro the Connextions Website:

“Every touch point along a customer lifecycle is a revenue opportunity just waiting to happen. With our deep knowledge of buying behavior, comprehensive technology, and superior team of sales, retention and relationship experts, we transform routine conversations into opportunities to convert leads and improve customer persistency – all while driving down costs and delivering an unparalleled customer experience. image

Actionable business intelligence and analytics-driven contact strategies support our skilled agents, who engage and inspire your target audiences. Our technology lifts the results of your marketing spend and shows you customer interaction results for a crystal clear, real-time view of what's working and what's not.”

You can see from the screenshot below listing most major insurers as clients and wonder how this will change?  It really gets interesting with mergers and acquisitions with subsidiaries doing business with full on competitors as far as basic health insurance is concerned, in other words this subsidiary now if current contracts are maintained, they make money from Blue Cross and Aetna as a subsidiary of United Healthcare.  There’s a lot of this out there which brings about some “gray” areas as far as figuring out who does what sometimes. 


United and their subsidiaries have certainly been on a buying spree the last couple of years to even purchasing physicians groups such as this very large MD group in California.

OptumHealth (Subsidiary of United Healthcare) Takes Over Memorial IPA in California-Subsidiary Watch

In addition the algorithms used for some of the software sales are also patented such as this example with another owned subsidiary. 

QualityMetric/Ingenix (United HealthCare) Receives Patent for Patient Health Survey Algorithms-Subsidiary Watch

In addition we hear of investments outside the US, such as China Gate, an acquisition of Optum, (under the Ingenix name) last year and you can read more at the link below and see a clearer picture of the subsidiary daisy chain as it builds.  It does get very confusing when you want to track down and just see where profit dollar go today. 

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

Anyway all in all you can absolutely see the literal gold mine here with insurers such as United and Aetna jumping in to acquire additional companies in the “algorithm” analytics business and it keeps moving.  I

know as a consumer with all the software being pushed at such rapid levels it does get confusing at times.  One other item that is of interest to note about analytics is the fact that now with machine learning we are entering a world of writing unreadable coding, aka algorithms and as more and more healthcare algos work together, this is something worth pondering as algorithms work on auto pilot with others and we have some very complex issues that the Quant on Wall Street are working desperately to try and figure out and this is everybody’s problem in the data business.  Take a look and see how this video points out how to look for some of this in the world today as it’s out there. 

Life looks great today if one is an algorithm but not necessarily the same for all of us humans today that walk the line of analytics in our face with almost every move we make today.  BD

How Algorithms Shape Our World–TED Talks Kevin Slavin–Writing the Unreadable And A Good Reason to Get Into the Math

EDEN PRARIE, MN – Population health management company OptumHealth – formerly Ingenix – announced Wednesday it will acquire healthcare services and customer relations company Connextions Inc., in a deal eyeing the ongoing shift toward consumerism in the insurance and healthcare market.

The combined company will offer a broad array of services to health insurance carriers via OptumHealth, which provides services to plan members to help them better manage their health, and Connextions’ customer service outsourcing, which helps to both recruit and retain new members.

OptumHealth to buy healthcare services company Connextions | Healthcare Finance News


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