This is some pretty amazing technology with what they were able to do with stem cells here and save the woman who was in a wheelchair from amputation, and on top of that, she’s walking again.  There are so many amazing areas in regenerative medicine that are evolving and this is one of them.  BD

WBAL - Researchers in Maryland are using stem cells from fat to grow new bone.

In January 2009, 53-year-old Susan Cossabone was in a terrible head-on collision. Her injuries made her fear that she'd never walk again, much less ride her beloved horses at her horse farm in New Jersey.

"I thought I would lose the leg. If you could have seen it when they cut off my favorite jeans -- you could just see bones sticking and flesh. You couldn't see much of a leg," she said.

For a while, it looked as though her leg would require amputation, doctors said.


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