How do you go through life hiding an arm?  I would guess this is what one would imagehave to do and again you would be easily busted.  He was sentenced to 57 months in jail for his fraud and had a few other fraudulent claims going as well. 
Again, someone is going to see you still have 2 arms attached, rightSmile  BD

LeDuc was apprehended following an investigation by the FBI, Michigan State Police, and the Escanaba Department of Public Safety. Their investigation revealed that LeDuc had obtained an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy from CUNA Mutual Group in 2009. Then, in August 2010, he filed an insurance claim in which he claimed that he his arm had been ground off in a wood chipper accident. LeDuc would have received a benefit payment of $251,000 if he had, in fact, lost his arm in this manner.

But, in truth, LeDuc still had both arms. A CUNA claims investigator asked Mr. LeDuc to provide medical records to support his claim. LeDuc then obtained his own medical records from OSF Saint Francis Hospital in Escanaba, and, using these records as a starting point, forged records that stated that his arm had been lost in a wood chipper. He sent these fraudulent documents in to CUNA and also made a number of telephone calls across interstate lines to check on the status of his claim. This led to the federal wire fraud charge.


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