Back in February of 2011 Microsoft Government also announced their low cost State Insurance Exchange solutions.  Microsoft’s HIX solutions eliminate the need for states to evaluate numerous point solutions from various firms to find one that works well with government policies or existing IT infrastructures.

Microsoft Announces New Low-Cost Turnkey State Health Insurance Exchange Technology Solutions

From the Social Interest Solutions Website:

“Wherever possible, Social Interest Solutions utilizes the standard HIPAA transaction sets to form the basis of our interfaces as we have found that many of the entities with whom we share data have already adopted these standards. Our HIPAA companion guides are available upon request.

Social Interest Solutions is able to support a variety of data formats, including, but not limited to: HL7, HL9, X12, XML, Flat files, Comma Separated files and many others.

Social Interest Solutions is proud of our system integration capabilities and believe it is a key differentiator in making sure persons in need of benefits are efficiently supported. To learn more about the interfaces we support see interfaces.


“Systems using a web service to communicate with each other don’t need to go through a great deal of change, as long as they adhere to the common message format. Services that can be used by multiple systems are more easily shared through web services because of the flexibility and reusability they provide. This shared usage is more cost effective because web services allow seamless integration and use of functionalities across multiple systems without the need to make significant changes to the systems that need to exchange information”

Social Interest solutions e-apps have been deployed in Arizona and California and connects low income families to programs ranging from Medicaid to food stamps.  One-e-App has screened nearly 7 million people and generated over 9 million applications for programs so far.  The PAL imageapplication is a web based tool that allows both doctors and patients the ability to apply for co-pay assistance for medications and other services.  From what I am reading in the press release though the focus here lies with insurance exchanges.  It’s nice to see a technology company involved here instead of the technologies of the insurers as we don’t know as we can’t audit and see if the procedures and algorithms are accurate all the time ad Microsoft doesn’t have a conflicting interest of healthcare claims that are processed for bottom line share holder profits either.  BD   

Press Release:

Social Interest Solutions and Microsoft Work Together to Leverage Social Interest Solutions’ Thought Leadership, Policy, Enrollment and Integration Expertise to Advance State and Government Health Insurance Exchange Initiatives

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Social Interest Solutions (SIS), a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging technology innovation to improve consumers’ access to health and human services, today announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft. The relationship will involve working collaboratively to help government entities save time and money in the design and deployment of the technology and processes underlying health insurance exchanges.

“We are pleased to be working with Microsoft at this historic time”

“We are pleased to be working with Microsoft at this historic time,” said Claudia Page, co-director at Social Interest Solutions. “Both organizations have a successful track record of working closely with state agencies to help them achieve greater integration across health and human services silos and both view the implementation of health insurance exchanges as a way to reform the health delivery system and improve health outcomes.”

“With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), states have new mandates to follow, deadlines to meet and risks to mitigate that require significant process improvements combined with innovative technologies,” said Brian Russon, national practice leader for Health Insurance Exchange, Microsoft.

“We are pleased to join forces with Social Interest Solutions and look forward to working collaboratively to help our clients meet the demands of implementing effective health insurance exchanges.”

For the health insurance exchange collaboration, Microsoft will be providing technology and state government expertise, while Social Interest solutions will be providing valuable knowledge and experience focusing on enrollment, standards, interoperability.

For nearly a decade, Social Interest Solutions has been instrumental in helping to modernize the process for identifying and enrolling in health and human services programs. In early 2003, Social Interest Solutions developed One-e-App, a Web-based system streamlining the complicated eligibility and enrollment process by making it possible to transparently connect and share data across otherwise disparate state and local social services systems and programs. Today, One-e-App is deployed in Arizona, California, Indiana and Maryland and has served nearly 9 million individuals. The innovative integration and process improvements achieved with the One-e-App platform will play a critical role in helping states using One-e-App to develop and deploy health insurance exchanges.

Social Interest Solutions is also focused on effective policy development and helped to craft language in Section 1561 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Section 1561 requires the Federal government to establish enrollment standards to facilitate access to coverage. Subsequently, SIS directors have served as consultants to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to support the development of ACA enrollment standards and protocols. Social Interest Solutions has also worked with states to conduct ACA IT gap analyses, assessing the current status of IT systems against where the state plans to be in 2014. Gap analysis work has been completed for Arizona, Maryland and New York and is underway in Alabama.

About Social Interest Solutions

Social Interest Solutions (SIS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging technology innovation to improve consumers’ access to public and private health and social services. As an active influencer and promoter of policy reform, SIS has successfully developed and deployed pioneering technology solutions having a positive impact on the quality of life for the nation’s underserved population.


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