Ok here we go again with yet one more Facebook feature enabled by default.  This is an article written by Kurt, who I know from Microsoft that is the leader of the Windows Mobile User Group in Los Angeles and that I have know for a number of years and he’s a smart guy and engineer.  We used to learn a lot in those meetings imagewith some of his expertise so when Kurt takes time out to inform I listen as the guy’s never wrong;)  Take that from many years of sitting in his meetings.  His disclosure clearly states too that these are his own opinions and again he knows his stuff. 

He also mentions the study done by Carnegie Mellon about how this can potentially end any kind of anonymity we have left.  You can use the link to his blog on how to disable this newest feature that they seem to think is good for us.  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of all of this and I shut my Facebook account off about 3 months ago and doing fine without it and worrying about this stuff.  Again, those are my thoughts but in other areas outside of what I do it may have some use.  I just flat out got tired of all the time it was taking and couldn’t work with the constant interruptions and way too much communication for me as folks used those tags to include me in way too many conversations and I couldn’t get out of them and now tags for images are on the horizon here.   We are all so busy today and I do miss those meetings as I learned a lot but perhaps they will come around again soon and thank Kurt for the heads up.  BD

Well, well, well.  It turns out that Facebook will, by default, recognize your photo in other people’s photos and suggest that they tag you with your real name.

In other words:  If a friend has a photo with your picture in it, Facebook will automatically identify you by placing a square around your face based on other places you’ve been tagged, using facial recognition, and autosuggest that your friend tag you in the photo.  And as you get tagged more and more, the richer the photo recognition gets.  It’s self-perpetuating.

HOWTO: Prevent Facebook from suggesting your friends tag you in their photos using facial recognition « Kurt Shintaku's Blog


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