Ok I like bar codes as everyone who visits here knows and this is yet one more way the Tags from Microsoft can be used.  I have written about Razcode encrypted imageMicrosoft Tags here before and how they work with HeatlhVault and even Google Health as well as many devices such as the Withings Scale.  As a matter of fact I have a Microsoft Tag on this site in the right hand corner so go ahead and scan and read the blog on your smart phone too.  Here’s a couple links from the Duck archives below and there’s lots more like this if you do a search on the Medical Quack. 

RazCode/Windows Tags – Bar Coding to Add Information to PHRs, EHRs, and More…
Connecting HealthVault/Google Health and More to RazCode Encrypted Microsoft Tags – Automate Data Inputimage
RAZCODE (Microsoft Tags) Using Smart Phones to authenticate MDs When e-Prescribing Controlled Substances

“Auth Tag” – Mobile Microsoft Bar Code Tags Using a Smartphone To Scan for Two Factor Authentication Giving Users Digital Tokens

Microsoft Receives Patent-Techniques to Create Counterfeit and Tamper Resistant Labels Using Fiber Optic Strands-Bar Codes Getting Closer for Drug/Device Recalls?

I have 2 links at the top of the blog and I have been campaigning for their use with FDA recalls, and when everyone talks about consumer use of mHealth, this is the ticket and it kills many birds with a half of a stone. 

Life saver App

A while back the folks over at Microsoft were kind enough to add my recommendations to the list too.image

Tag Could Boost Safety in Medical Industry

“Microsoft Tag has had an exciting impact on the medical profession lately. The quarterly magazine Micro-Cap Review has recently featured one Ms. Barbara Duck, author of the Medical Quack blog, on the subject of Tag in the medical industry.

Micro-Cap Review is at the fingertips of all the movers and shakers of the medical industry, with approximately 35,000 subscribers and distribution in New York's financial district and conventions worldwide. The publication recently featured Duck and Tag in an article titled “Bar Code Solutions for those Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Recalls That Never End.”

Barcodes are where it’s happening and this also has use for in case of an emergency.  I am guessing your emergency information would be what you want on here, like medications, allergies, etc. enough to save your life and prevent mistakes made by clinicians that could occur without having the information ahead of time.  It is HL7 compatible. Again, bar codes and their use save lives whether it is medical information or finding recalls…FDA…hint..hint…as well as the drug and device companies.  I was also recently featured in the Milwaukee Journal newspaper with my thoughts on the recall issue too regarding the big Triad mess and the factory is still closed.  So all you frustrated folks out there trying to entice consumers into using mobile medical applications, get the vehicle that shows immediate value to the consumer and get behind this, otherwise we just keep having one more seldom used app after another showing up, which are of no value unless people want to use them and again “see value”.  BD

Recalled Wipes From Triad Still Out There in Consumer Medicine Cabinets and Possibly At Some Retail Locations-Manufacturers and FDA Need To Do A Better Job-Bar Codes

Scan any newspaper’s recent headlines and it becomes obvious: the world has been experiencing a rash of natural disasters, from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, to the horrific tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri and the southeastern United States. And that’s just in the past few months. Sadly, each of these disasters has claimed many victims. One thing that could have helped was a technology that keeps track of the unique medical histories of every person affected. Now, thanks in part to Microsoft Tag, there is just such a technology: the LifeSaver App.

The next phase of the App, coming in about 30 days, will allow for the uploading of x-rays, EKG’s, EEG’s or any other file stored in PDF format. It will also have the ability to store a living will or a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order for a patient.

Tag to the Rescue | Success Story | Microsoft Tag


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