As technology moves forward yes they have grown them, implanted them, and they worked and produced off spring for the male rabbits so perhaps when this is imagedefined for humans, all may not be lost as science is moving so quickly today.  You can find out more about the rabbit at the links below.  The study showed that rabbits with bioengineered organs attempted to copulate with a female within one minute of introduction.

Regenerative Medicine News – Fully Functional Rabbit Penis Created That Works

It was actually 2 doctors and 2 surgeries involved here so if I were him I would be sure to get myself on the Wake Forest clinical trial list when it becomes available as what does he have to lose at this point.  BD

The lawyer for a Kentucky man suing a doctor for amputating his penis without asking his permission told jurors today his client "doesn't feel like a man."

Phillip Seaton had gone into surgery for a circumcision to treat inflammation, but instead had his penis partially removed after the surgeon, John Patterson, found that it was riddled with cancer, the Associated Press reports.

Seaton and his wife, Deborah, seek unspecified damages from Patterson for "loss of service, love and affection."


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