Washington DC came out #1?  That might have to do with the smaller number of hospitals too but basically this a call to action from the the College of ER doctors.  One the judging categories was access and the Pacific West Coast, Rocky Mountains and all the way through the south got an F, including California and Texas.  You can read their entire press release here and see the image below. 









Here’s the big “F” map….for access










This is actually pretty cool on this page where they give you a template to send off a letter to your US Senators and Congressman…and you can customize it too…BD 

WASHINGTON —A new state-by-state report card evaluating America’s support for emergency care will grade the nation, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and military emergency medicine, and forecast how the role of emergency medicine will expand under Obamacare.

The Report Card has 136 measures in five categories:  access to emergency care (30 percent of the grade), quality and patient safety (20 percent), medical liability environment (20 percent), public health and injury prevention (15 percent) and disaster preparedness (15 percent).



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