At some point in time we might run out of folks who want to take on some of these jobs.  We all need to have a “real” feeling that we are accomplishing something and I do have to say, how does one get this anymore with the complexities of what is almost an impossible task.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take but at some point we need someone in leadership that acknowledges the roles the machines are playing in healthcare today.  We don’t seem to get much of that from executives and others who speak and sometimes when they do, like yesterday with Sebelius saying we don’t need to learn or rely much on other countries…well that says a lot right there with where leadership goes, and another foot in mouth with more weird perceptions with a lack of any data mechanics logic.  So far I have not seen much either at the Davos Economic Forum as what hoped would be addressed there has not happened either. 

World Economic Forum Needs A Dose of Bill Gates To Help World Leaders Comprehend Where Virtual Software Worlds Work and How To Unite With the Real World, Too Much Math In Financials-Nobody Seems To Understand The Mathematical Causes and Effects Of Economic Complexities…

Anymore, and I have tuned in to watch many of these types of forum conventions, they don’t seem to be doing much outside of networking for those who attend to be able to make new deals, etc. 

It’s sad that with leaders around who can’t tell where “values” are and how to use virtual software technologies to help create some tangibles in the real world, this just keeps rolling on and on.  Bill Gates and his foundation, and of course he gets data mechanics logic better than anyone out there are the only ones with stick of logic and relevancy and they have not been without criticism as they worked their models.  The difference, they know what their models are and how to work them where others who can’t tell where the virtual world and the real world begin, unite and end are lost out there. 

Not ObamaCare That is Failing, It’s the Models and Subsequent Algorithms that Execute Within IT Infrastructures Intersecting, Changing And Conflicting– The Affordable “Complexities” Act…

So until we get some folks who practice and carry out some data mechanics logic and understand the math models out there and keep trying to use verbiage as their only background today, the doors will just keep on revolving as the tasks the folks are given to do are impossible without getting past verbiage only and the algorithms keeping running on the machines, banks and other financial firms get richer as they have free run and know how to use algorithms to make money, while we still have low tech band aids for high tech solutions with verbiage only that are no match to regulate any of this.  So one more bites the technology bliss dust here and being in the wrong job with the wrong skills looks like it can really make you sick and the irony here is this is a healthcare guy helping wit the ACA. 

Even the updates I get emailed today form the White House are just like some other template I have seen somewhere else and not much there either to get excited about as they kind of fall into the same stuff I’m bombed with from marketing and PR agencies…they all look the same anymore so I guess that’s about as good as it gets there too with White House content farms just phasing into my already crowded less than interesting bulk emails.  I guess that’s kind of the case when folks buy in to a lot of the quantitated stuff that others are marketing out there today.  BD

Quantitated Justification For Believing Things That Are Not True And Using Mathematical Processes To Fool Ourselves-The Journalistic Bot Functionality Debuts As Media Can’t Resist the Formulas…

Chris Jennings, the White House’s coordinator of health reform, has resigned six months after he was recruited to try to iron out the implementation of major aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Jennings said in an interview Thursday that he decided to leave after he landed in the hospital last month with a health scare after working the long, intense hours typical of senior White House aides.

The White House has continued to juggle personnel on health care, recently bringing in a former Microsoft executive, Kurt DelBene, to oversee improvements in the online marketplace,, and Phil Schiliro, a former chief legislative liaison, to oversee policy aspects of the law’s implementation.


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