This sounds like a situation that works for both as Zynga has been shrinking a bit but they own the building and as far as environments of both companies it appears to be a good match.  imageSeems like too we are seeing more “dogs” at work and being I work from a home office, mine is here with me all the time too so some medical record companies have gone to the dogs you could say, in a good way.   Recently Practice Fusion received another round of funding after the $70 million from a short while back.

Practice Fusion Lands $70 Million Funding To Keeps The Wheels Rolling To Provide Free Electronic Medical Records Along With Selling Data To Support Revenue Streams–Plans an IPO At Some Point In Time

Practice Fusion is a “free” and subscription based medical records program but most of the users from what I have read take advantage of the free version which has even had some publicity with the Dr. Oz show not too long ago.

Practice Fusion Spends Time with Dr. Oz With Supplying the Medical Records Used For the 15 Minute Physical–To Be Featured on the Dr. Oz Television Show

It won’t be until about the middle of the year until Practice Fusion moves into their new headquarters.  The company has yet to show any profits though and there has been talk about an IPO at some point but so far that’s all it has been.  Practice Fusion also hooked up with an Aetna subsidiary company Healthagen to help push their analytics software.  I had a doctor ask me the other day about all these new analytics companies, which are on the rise everywhere and he understood the fact that analytics are needed but said the recent swarm of everyone out there with their good was taking a toll with trying to understand all the metrics and so forth that these offerings have, he said it was zoo to read about all of them and what they claim to do.  Aetna bought Healthagen  back in 2012. 

Aetna Creates a Branding Name for the Health IT Companies They Have Purchased, Healthagen

In addition Practice Fusion hired a financial heavyweight from Visa to to be their communications manager so it circles back around to financial interests here again too. It is interesting now as in general you are seeing medical record companies getting closer with both financial organizations and insurers, kind of going where there’s money to fund it seems and find partnerships that send money the other direction too.  BD 

Practice Fusion, which provides electronic medical records to physicians, will double in size from its current office at 420 Taylor St.

The announcement follows a year of rapid growth for Practice Fusion, which has surpassed 300 employees, raised $85 million in a Series D funding round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and added offices in Palo Alto and Seattle.


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