The Evena glasses are not for use in the US, yet but this kind of reminds you a bit of Google Glassimage if you will but the technology is not theirs but one that is very similar( based on Epson‘s Moverio technology).  Back in 2008 the “VeinViewer” was big news and by all means who does not mind a few less sticks.  Times have progressed and now we have wearable glasses that will show the doctors and nurses where your veins are.

Luminetx Infrared VeinViewer prevents a few less “sticks”

Prior to the glasses the company, Evana in the Silicon Valley created another product, the Evena Owl  that was bigger and bulkier and works with a table that does the same thing with being able to see veins, and it does a lot more than that and you can hang it around your neck.  I’m guessing we have a trip to the FDA on the calendar for the company. 

Now if you want to look further, they have a product called the Evena Eagle..for the military.  Anway the Eyes On has internal storage capabilities and wireless capabilities to send and receive images, dual speakers for 2 way audio.  Two cameras can show above and beneath the skin.  At least when you are wearing these, people know you have them on unlike Google Glass. 

Avena Eyes On


The newest addition to the Evena family of products is the one-of-a-kind point-of-care wearable Eyesimage-On™ Glasses system. Evena Eyes-On Glasses provide all the same imaging technology advantages as other Evena products, but in a cost-effective, cart-free, wearable form. The Evena Glasses system is appropriate for pre-hospital, physician offices, clinics or hospitals. The Glasses unit is battery powered and offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use.

Unique Eyes-on Glasses features include:

  • Multi-Spectral Imaging - a breakthrough patented technology developed by Evena for the deepest penetration with the most detailed and sharpest image is effective for almost all physiologies.
  • Real-time anatomically accurate images – no other system provides such exceptionally clear, accurate images.
  • EMR/PACS interface enables automated, improved and more precise documentationimage of appropriate care, including verification of vein patency.
  • Hands-free, cart-free, wearable technology allows medical staff to maneuver anywhere anytime with the complete vasculature image right before their eyes.
  • See-through, Eyes-On technology allows the user to have full situational awareness, to keep eye contact with the patient plus a clear view of the patient’s area of interest, enabling quick and easy location and access to the best vein.

Evena Sparrow is not available in the U.S., EU and many other developed nations


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