The article states that Kaiser Permanente had already given their extensionimage and what this means is that you can go get care if you need it and the coverage will be retro-active to the first.  Kaiser with their business model and integrated medical records makes it a bit easier for them to monitor I would think versus standard health insurance policies as again the data is all under one roof.

In addition Covered California also launched a new web page Thursday for small business owners to help them make their first premium payments as well.  BD

Getting Health Insurance In the US Has Become Way Too Complex And Difficult For Many In One Form Or Another With Spastic Algorithms and Math Models That Too Often Fail-Attack of the “Health Insurance” Killer Algorithms With Flawed Models

SACRAMENTO, California — The agency running California's health insurance exchange extended the deadline for payments until Jan. 15 following a surge in the number of consumers signing up for coverage.

Covered California said on its website that health coverage still took effect Jan. 1 but the payment deadline was pushed back to prevent consumers from feeling rushed to pay recently received invoices.

It will also give health care companies more time to process paperwork, the agency said.

The agency says payments must be received by Jan. 15, not just postmarked before that date.


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