So folks who work there, just continue to scramble, get beat up by creditors and get stepped imageall over the this is a big case of the Killer Algorithms.  This is not going to stop either and as long the “Sebelius Syndrome” stays in effect at HHS, she just shines it on and has bliss digital illiteracy as her excuse.  This has been a month so somebody should have stepped in here as we all realize glitches and bitches are here to stay sadly. 

The hospital is not making money and cash flow is short.  Let’s look at another hospital in Wyoming that is worried about ICD10 transitions, they don’t have the cash flow they have predicted they will need and actually hats off to that hospital for doing their analytics ahead of time even thought they may not be able to get a loan.  Novitas is the Medicare contractor responsible here. 

Hospital In Wyoming Says They Are Too Poor To Handle ICD Coding Changes Next Year–Don’t Have A Big Enough Bankroll To Cover Transition Period With Reimbursements–Would Need To Get A Bigger Line of Credit If They Can

The CEO has not collected a paycheck in a year and the hospital is owed over $3 million from CMS and can’t make payroll.  He is giving employees money from his personal checking account to buy groceries.  The Texas Medical Association said there were other hospitals in similar situations.  BD

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Dozens of employees at a hospital in northeast Houston have had to make it through the holidays without getting paid for weeks. The CEO of Saint Anthony's Hospital on Little York is blaming a new Medicare payment contractor for his payroll problems.

Nearly 150 employees, ranging from doctors to nurses and administratorsimage, haven't been paid in nearly a month, and the CEO says it's not his fault.

For the neighbors around St. Anthony'S Hospital, the care has been convenient.

"Since it was close and I was bleeding, I had to come over here," former patient Delores Cano said.

The Texas Medical Association says they are familiar with complaints like this one regarding the medicare payment facilitator- and a representative told us smaller community hospitals like this one are in similar situations.


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