I’m going to give this a go again hopefully without increasing the ED junk mail I get any time this type of subject is posted and when I say junk it’s the PR and other folks,image above and beyond the normal spam that comes that we all get:)

As the article says men got tired of ice bags you know where before a nice rollick with their wife who is trying to conceive.  You get some wedges here and two pairs of underwear to make the experience of keeping yourself cool there and the idea here is to  increase your sperm count.  So I guess there is something to the old saying about “pants on fire” after all.  Interesting product and don’t see this one having a big purpose outside of trying to have a baby.   BD 

Men struggling with fertility might as well have a fire going on in their pants: Their sperm-making parts are actually hotter than men who have no fertility problems at all. To combat this, an Ashland, Va.-based company is selling briefs that promise to keep the family jewels nice and cool.

The briefs, appropriately called Snowballs, began last year as a Kickstarter campaign by Joshua Shoemake. Snowballs sound funny, but the story behind them is serious.

Sick of holding melting freezer bags on their crotches, the guys worked on a design for organic cotton boxer-briefs with space for a “SnowWedge” gel pack made from carboxymethyl cellulose sodium that could stay cool for at least 30 minutes. Using the briefs helped one of the couples have a baby girl, the company said.



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