We have had this discussion many times with acknowledging that devices are going to be putting data intoimage electronic medical records as time moves along, now this does not discount what the doctor enters at all but rather is additional information the the doctor and clinical staff don’t have to run to go hunt down, in other words if you have about 6 devices connected to you, without one place to find all the information and read stats, well you have to go look at 6 devices so the medtech software here and it’s purpose is kind of a no brainer in what it will do.

Now designing and integrating with various medical records systems, hardware and other software in use is the complex part as so many are so different, so the fun begins here.  We have seen some of this with other companies and really each system, even though they might be in hospitals using the same software still can vary a bit as they may have different medtech devices they use. 

ICOS Alert is their app for the NanthHealth ICOS system which I posted yesterday as announced with the collaboration of the Clinton Foundation.  ISirona just became part of NantHealth on January 1st. 

Billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong Founder of NantHealth And The Clinton Foundation Announce Collaboration Partnership To Improve Domestic Health In The US–Take That St. Johns…

ISirona Introduction

Here’s another video that shows a bit more about the software integration.  It’s medical records system agnostic.

Putting the data into the EHR

Getting genomic information available too is another hot spot.  We have seen some advancementsimage here but again it’s still in working stages.  We get the labs and some of this is already incorporated if the lab tests are genetic and done by a lab that provides connectivity.  Nice to have an entire sequence to reference in a summarized format and this part goes back to the ICOS system of NantHealth.  There’s a lot there to read.  BD 

ISirona already states they integrate with Allscripts, Epic and Siemens but again they state they can connect to any HER. 



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