CCHIT was the first company that provided certification services to electronic medical records vendors and I might guess due to that fact they have certified more vendors that the others who joined in later.  This sounds like the change is not unlike what’s happening in a few other areas of Health IT with changes.  imageThe certification guide will still be provided as that appears to be a large part of the new focus with education efforts as well.

As certification exists today with complexities some of the business has slowed down so there’s not as many vendors able to have their software ready for the next level of certification.  This is an interesting topic as it’s something that has crossed my mind too with this responsibility and the other certification contractors of course will have to deal with it.  Even systems that have been certified have had issues so there’s really no 100% guarantee as it’s the times we live in.  Sometimes I wonder how this goes too over at the ONC with policy, as it may be ok today but something can generate a change at any time and you have to act quickly.  CCHIT has also developed framework for ACOs as part of the services they provide.  With complexities as I said a while back and this not only applies here but in almost everything today, we have become hostages of our own tools and infrastructure as software builds on itself.  I made post yesterday too about how the healthcare law can’t be repealed and replaced either due to this. 

And Now For A Word From The Companies That Certify EHR Software Systems Relative To Views On Complexities With Meaningful Use Two–Are We Hostages of Our Own Tools and Infrastructure? I Think That Can Be Safely Said…

GE Centricity was one system certified and they had to fix some algorithms a while back and held up attesting for a short while for a few clients. 

With the current course with medical records this absolutely calls for executives with data mechanics logic for sure and is pretty much an area beyond the comprehension of the average doctor anymore and is an area to where help and assistance is needed.  You can read the full article at the link below and at the HIMMS conference more information will be available as well.  BD 

CHICAGO – Jan. 29, 2014 – Today, CCHIT announced a new strategic direction that will return it to its founding public mission of supporting the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology.  CCHIT plans to offer direct counsel to both healthcare providers and health IT developers on the requirements for certified EHR technology and how to best satisfy HIT regulations published by organizations and governments.  With a more global focus, and in alliance with HIMSS, CCHIT will also develop new programs and policy guidance aimed at achieving interoperability and supporting change in the way providers and patients around the world use IT to positively transform health and healthcare.

As part of this change, CCHIT will no longer offer ONC testing and certification services, or its independently developed certification programs. 

CCHIT will continue to operate The Source™, its subscription-based ONC testing and certification preparation service. At the completion of CCHIT’s transition, a new menu of individualized services focused on topics such as Understanding ONC Certification Criteria and Test Methods, Interoperability, and Clinical Quality Measures and Meaningful Use Reporting will be added to help EHR developers. New services designed especially for healthcare providers will be added incrementally.

CCHIT’s customers have been notified of this change. CCHIT has recommended that its customers accept an offer from ICSA Labs to maintain their certification or apply for new testing services. CCHIT chose ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and an ONC-Authorized Certification body and Accredited HIT Test Laboratory, to support its customers because of the expertise of its staff and its processes. CCHIT will assist and support its customers as services are transferred.


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