If you are in Health IT then you have heard of Accenture, they have been around for a long time and are “Gold” partners with Oracle, Microsoft and many other technology firms and actually they were the chosen contractor who did Cover California for their health insurance exchange.  It’s difficult todayimage to find the talent, not to mention the time needed with complex IT infrastructures today as they all tied to servers running 24/7 that do run the algorithmic formulas that are attached to the verbiage in today’s laws.

As we all know HHS has been struggling with what I call the “Sebelius Syndrome” with the roll out and the how the project was completed and not completed I should say.  She is not the only one inflicted of course but you easily pull most of Congress as well but she’s been at the top with public statements that have clearly shown how difficult it is and a bunch of “blundered” statements that arise only out of lack of some data mechanics thinking.  I’m no an expert by any means, but if you have some “logical data mechanics thinking upstairs” and “some” data mechanics on hand experience, then you see this stuff moving way before it ever happens, but the problem is that the layman perceptions don’t math how it really works and there’s the rub with lack of logical thinking and you have news bursting out all over the place with traditional “witch hunt” articles to read that have to find the blame and hang it on a a couple heads, when in fact, it’s many and much more complicated than such a process.  I know I grow very tired of some of it myself. 

This portion was really bad about trying to cover up the fact that the code had not been finished.  I compared it to a publicly held company to show what happened there, and just can’t do this stuff today as it comes back to bite, and yes where were those Oracle and Microsoft insurance exchange platforms in all of this, I just wonder did anyone look at them? 

HHS/CMS Pulls An “Allscripts” Mistake–”Code’s Not Done With Healthcare.Gov”…And Did Anyone Look at the oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Health Insurance Platforms…There’s a Time and Place for Open Source And The Insurance Exchanges Are Not It Right Now..

This is a continuing saga and the White House made a couple changes with brining a former Microsoft executive in to help fix a lot of it.  I think Jeffrey Zeintz found the challenge to even be over his head as you need more than just straight business decisions here.  It’s getting hard as we have a lot of quantitated justifications happening out there which leads to a lot of Algo Duping. 

Quantitated Justification For Believing Things That Are Not True And Using Mathematical Processes To Fool Ourselves-The Journalistic Bot Functionality Debuts As Media Can’t Resist the Formulas…

I said a while back that thanks to insurance exchanges both the government and consumers are getting a real cold hard less on the complexities that exist today.  Kurt DelBene was named by the White House to over see the project too, a former Microsoft executive.  That’s why is is kind of entertaining to see some of the nonsense in the news about Microsoft at times being in trouble as they operate at levels higher than the average consumer can understand so you get news that is pretty much just only consumer related that overlooks a lot of the value the company has in other place…oh well so the news goes. 

White House Names Former Microsoft Executive To Head Up Fixing “The Sebelius Syndrome” Plaguing What Ended Up On Healthcare.Gov

At this point some opinions just don’t even matter as you have to deal with what can be done…not a perception and right now it seems the White House is more on course and has some people with some data mechanics thinking on board to lead it in the right technology direction.  Even IBM said their Watson platform needs more time to learn…so wake up folks, sign of the times…IT complex infrastructures if not done right have to power to shut a lot stuff down, and it has sometimes, and yes we are hostages of our own complex tools and IT infrastructure we built, software keeps building on itself. 

Are the World’s IT Infrastructures Today Even Too Complex for IBMWatson? It’s All About Generating The “Right” Context, Only Your Query Master Knows For Sure…

So read what you want on opinions and the OMG news, but you can choose perceptions that resemble fairy tales or you can read about the real stuff you can’t see with code and math running on servers 24/7 making life impacting decisions about all of us here..your choice <grin> and don’t shoot me, I’m just the piano player here trying to make a difference and cut out some of garbage with some logical rationale.  BD 

The Obama administration is granting the consulting firm Accenture a contract worth between $90 million and $100 million for maintenance of the federal Obamacare website HealthCare.gov, two sources familiar with the contract told CBS News.

Accenture will replace the original lead contractor responsible for the site, CGI, whose contract is expiring. The contract leaves the consulting firm responsible for the continued construction and maintenance of the site, with a special emphasis on “back-end” portions of the site that handle the transfer of data from users to insurers.



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