The Republican Committee is not alone by all means and the Democrats believe in fairies too.  It is interesting to watch these folks and their weird perceptions and the old methodologies of “witch hunts” here in trying to put the blame in one place or with one person.  You know the routine as it’s been around for years,image fine the what is perceived to be a source that you can hang one hat on and then you look like a hero.  Here’s an archive post where the folks didn’t quite understand what kind of money was needed too.

I’ve written a couple of posts about what happened in Oregon and the biggest factor here is that they made the project too large with trying to update a bunch of their social services IT technologies at the same time. You have to remember that all contractors, except Oracle withdrew their bids when the story changed as they were honest and basically said “we can’t do that in the time frame desired” when they cancelled their bids.  I don’t understand what’s so hard to comprehend about that, other than again as I mentioned folks that are not in technology seem to still believe in “Algorithm fairies” and we had the same thing with Healthcare.Gov which is still playing out with the perceptions of lawmakers and politicians all over that just don’t get it and appear to not want to listen to reality.  Sure the contractors at Healthcare.Gov for example may or may not have tried to explain this and you do have to consider the fact that they want the millions in contractors given out too.  After a couple weeks a miracle happened with the federal contractors in what was revealed in the news…”there’s not enough time to build such a system”….technologist all over had to roll on that one if they knew what the government was asking for in a short amount of time…not possible…so here come the Algorithm Fairies…if we wish hard enough, it’s going to happen:)

Rocky King of Cover Oregon Resigns From Position Citing Medical Problems–The Exchange That Only Oracle Wanted As All Other Contractors Withdrew Their Bids Due to Extreme Complexities And Short Time To Do It

There’s nothing wrong with having faith but when it comes to computer code and executing algorithms, it doesn’t work and it’s just code running on servers as it’s programmed to do.  This programming is complex and takes time for “humans” to write…so you look at this story here and “where’s the fairies”.  I made my statement about the folks attending Davos this year to please work on this with perceptions and the ultimate results so people can begin to learn as to how models and the real world need to unite. With current day marketing and weird perceptions out there which you read about in the news a lot, people don’t know.  Technologists sit back and roll their eyes as I have been there myself trying to explain data mechanics and you just can’t break through the thick heads out there that won’t listen and change those weird perceptions they have.  It would be like me telling them mechanic how to fix my car..I don’t know and am not an expert, so why would I do that.  I would look like a fool and that’s what’s happening here, over and over and over. 

Big Challenge at Davos This Year Will Be On How To Unite The Virtual Technology World With The Real World To Simplify Getting Things Done, Making The World Less Complex As We Are Hostages Of Our Own IT Infrastructures, Open Target Day On “Killer Algorithms” Please...

So I read this article this morning and had to chuckle again. Can’t be that folks want technology fairies can it?  No it has to be the problem of what the folks were paid to accomplish the project, right?  Dream on…as technology folks do walk when this “fairy syndrome” takes over as you have a case of politicians and others just not turning loose of their weird perceptions as to where to somehow put fault. My coin fits here once again “the short order computer code kitchen burned down years ago and there was no fire sale”

I gave it a name actually as these folks have it too, it’s called “The Sebelius Syndrome” and from what I have it is dangerously contagious and is spreading to politicians and lawmakers all over the US, White House too.  One of the strangest ones was the Minnesota exchange who fired their contractor and forgot they needed to find a replacement, and then ask Sebelius for a recommendation on who can fix their exchange..what!  You can’t make this stuff up.  I have posted many times about Congress getting a tool restored that they could certainly use to help them in complex issues like this, restore the Office of Technology Assessment to help them and I think this way the witch hunts and the pursuit of some of “technology fairies” symptoms of the Sebelius Syndrome would subside and realistic answers might start coming out of all of this.  When you start reading Dr. Seuss with a fake filibuster, well Senator Cruz represents a very visual example of folks looking for fairies or at least the weird perceptions and the search for answers are are a dead ringer match here.  Here’s part of the Sebelius Syndrome where Sebelius was looking for some fairies out there, “hurry up health IT” was the topic, which goes back to what I said in 2009 that someone running the agency without a hint of data mechanics logic would get eaten alive…well here we are.

Jon Stewart Discusses “Little Paper Senator Cruz”–Yet More Startling Proof For the Need to Restore the Tool Congress Needs–The Office of Technology Assessment

Seriously, what more can you say and if you look here, how can the OIG on the federal end complete an investigation on how Healthcare.Gov was handled, they don’t have Oracle, Red Hat, MarkLogic, etc. experts sitting around and last I remember the White House had to go hunt some of those folks down when the site initially failed.  Here’s another story on the Maryland exchange.

In Depth Story of the Maryland Insurance Exchange & How It Failed, Sebelius syndrome Existed Here Too-Government Digital IT Illiteracy And Politics Just Don’t Mix Well..

So from what I am continuing to read it’s some very confused folks out there wrapped up in a world of seeking witches on one hand and trying to located some fairies on the other. At least the White House finally found a technology expert who doesn’t believe in fairies with hiring a former Microsoft executive to dig in.  

So what’s the RNC going to do here outside of generating some additional “drama queen” news and exposure?  That’s about all I see coming out of this, so watch for it in a federal or government agency coming to your neighborhood soon.  Here’s a back post that might help explain the “fairy phenomena” too…and it’s the technology and math models that are built to lead you down this path as well with quantitated justifications for things that are just not true. 

Why can’t lawmakers just get educated and stop the insanity?  BD 

The Republican National Committee, which is continuing to press health care as the issue of the 2014 elections, says it is filing a public records request for information regarding the compensation of the officials who ran the troubled Cover Oregon website.

RNC spokesman Michael Short said the party is also filing similar requests in Hawaii, Minnesota and Maryland --  states that are also under Democratic control.

The records request seeks compensation and vacation information for Rocky King, who recently announced that he will resign his position as director of Cover Oregon as of March 5.  He's been on medical leave since Dec. 2 and had also missed significant amounts of time before that.

The GOP is also seeking similar information about Carolyn Lawson, who had been the Oregon Health Authority's chief technology officer. She resigned last month as workers continued to struggle to get the Cover Oregon website operating.  The records request also asks for data about the number of enrollees who have made payments toward their selected health plan on the state's exchange.


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