Today I read about the toothbrush that connects and tallies up all your brushing habits into a data base at CES so now have a thermometer and the price is cheap at $14.99 and looks like there’s otherimage somewhat standard features here to do alerts, etc.  This one is not for the mouth and goes into the back side or under your arm.  The focus is to make it easier to work with children in getting their temperature readings.

You do get a little punchy with all the devices coming out that will record data so maybe next up and perhaps I’ve missed it is where’s the tool that measures how much wax is in your ears maybe <grin>. 

It’s a data seller/sharing device with de-identified information that it appears they maybe querying with other data they buy and sell.  I’ll stick with my old normal thermometer for now.  BD 

The announcement from Kinsa officials marks the first-ever approval by the FDA for a mobile-connected version of the world's most common medical device.

Like traditional thermometers, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer can be used orally, under-the-arm or rectally. It's been designed with parents and children in mind and leverages the smartphone to make taking a temperature a more engaging and informative process. The thermometer connects to a smartphone or other mobile device via the headphone jack and uses the display, power and processing of the smartphone to determine a precise temperature reading – with fewer components in the thermometer, it is compact, thin, and highly flexible, making it more comfortable to use. Kinsa uses the smartphone's display screen to provide fun, animated visuals throughout a temperature reading – calming, distracting, and engaging children throughout the process. The display also shows reading progress and alerts parents if the thermometer slips out of place. Users can create individual profiles for the whole family and, with a few taps, track their fever, symptom and illness history.


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