Well the title I wrote kind of says it all.  You can’t go anywhere without hearing “we need to simplify things” so they can work again.  Sure there’s a lot of complex research going on out there and this is not about that at all as that relates to curing diseases and finding cures, but rather this is about what goesimage on beyond what the real world gets to see, as it all runs on servers 24/7 with proprietary code for profit.  Here’s the list of all who are attending and yes it’s a big list.  No surprise here that all the stock exchange folks are well represented to include Nasdaq who is being with their own complex IT infrastructures they built as well as all the big banks. 

Perhaps there’s enough knowledge with some of the others in attendance to put a little pressure on looking for some simplicity and of course the banks and hedge funds don’t want that as it’s how they make money with proprietary math models and code that “only the shadow knows” what the contents really are.  Of course there’s other world issues to be discussed too that affect the “real” world but again almost everything touches technologies and the virtual worlds and false dollar values that have been created and you can’t get away from it and few want to be accountable. 

In years past we heard some great ideas come from Davos, and now focus is changed, folks have less money, banks and corporations are rich, so how do you solve that, well nothing happens until some code running on servers 24/7 and some ethical math models get created.  So yes I think it should “open target day” on models that are ethically wrong and time to get something done in that area as if it is not addressed at some point, it will keep getting worse and again those area areas to where consumers have no access.  I would love to see the subject of licensing all the data sellers in the US and the world for that matter taken up.  It’s a baby step but at least it identifies the group to where a lot of non ethical players get wealthier and spoon off the poor and middle class. 

Getting rid of the quantitated justifications for selling things that are not true and ethical would be a huge step for sure.  That’s the root cause of a lot of what’s happening out there as the modeling for inequality is allowed to continue.  BD 

Quantitated Justification For Believing Things That Are Not True And Using Mathematical Processes To Fool Ourselves-The Journalistic Bot Functionality Debuts As Media Can’t Resist the Formulas…

List of participants at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting


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