Pretty amazing what thieves were able to get from medical records that were accessed from a provider. image An employee gave access to another individual of pages of names and records which were accessed.  Apparently there was enough information gained through the medical records to allow for the preparation of several IRS tax returns that sailed through for over $200,000 in refunds.

This is a case right out of the game “Data Dealer” in essence with medical records being sold.  Charges of 2 to 12 years are faced by all involved.  The worker inside the office also gave out employee names and passwords too so they had access to thousands of medical records.  BD 

The last of five people accused of tax refund fraud involving identity theft from medical records pleaded guilty Friday for his role in the scheme, U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer said.

Michael Ali Bryant, Sr., 41, of Lauderdale Lakes, faces up to 12 years in prison at his sentencing scheduled in April, prosecutors said.

A confidential informant approached Bryant to buy drugs through Bryant's connection to a medical service provider. Bryant said he had no access to any drugs but he could sell medical records containing the personal information of hundreds of patients that could be used to file fraudulent income tax returns, according to court documents.

An Internal Revenue Service investigation identified 226 false claims totaling $775,879 that were linked to Michael Bryant. Of the false claims filed, 78 refunds were paid costing the IRS $221,576.

Angela Dione Rosier, 41, of Coral Springs, worked for the medical service provider and had access to the database of thousands of patients that found its way to Bryant, investigators said.

Cooper admitted to using the employee passwords to illegally log on to the medical services provider's computer network to download patient information for various types of fraud, prosecutors said.,0,3919228.story


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