Bitcoin is emerging in life sciences and this is a fairly new company with a store to sell research components to other scientists and provides contracted services with regenerative medicine.  BD  

Stem cell research, while still in its early stages, holds the opportunity for science to imagegrow its understanding by leaps and bounds, unlocking doors that could protect humans against Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV and AIDS, advocates say.

Researching and fulfilling this potential is the goal of Gene and Cell Technologies, a California-based research center that recently moved into a 3,000-square-foot facility and now accepts bitcoin, as well as hard currencies like gold, for purchases at its online store.

For now, doing means selling components to other scientists through his web store and providing contract research services for regenerative medicine. As for the future of stem cell science, Schloendorn is more confident.

Just three months in, his team is still focused primarily on the infrastructure that will support its ambitious initiatives, which include investigating stem cells and their use in cures to some of mankind’s most notorious diseases.


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