If you watch the video here the hospital did get some money to stay open until March imagefrom the the State of New York; however the hospital board refused to turn over the operations to another hospital so the CEO has to stop ambulance services.  Protesters showed up and then CEO was fired.  The state Dormitory Authority still has to work out the funding here soon. 

Another one has been names to replace him short term.  The folks in Brooklyn want their hospital but it is out of money like a few others today and had filed bankruptcy a year ago.  Here’s a back link with some additional history. 

Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn to File Chapter 11–Can’t Even Afford Malpractice Insurance and Payroll Might be Next…Desperate Hospitals Returns

Mayor Bill de Blasio included this hospital as one he committed to try to save.  BD

Facing a renewed threat of a shutdown, hospital workers occupied Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn Friday afternoon as the hospital’s chief executive shut himself inside his office until the police arrived to escort him out, witnesses said.

Dozens of people gathered outside the executive suite at about 2:30 p.m. on Friday, half an hour after an order went out to stop accepting patients dropped off by ambulances.

Interfaith, which serves primarily poor patients in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights, filed for bankruptcy protection a year ago. It is one of several community hospitals Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged in his inauguration speech that he would fight to save.

Ms. Krantz said the order to stop ambulances from coming to the hospital had been issued at the hospital’s request because of a dispute over $3.5 million that the state had promised it in December so that it could continue operations. She said that the state Dormitory Authority had made the money contingent on Interfaith’s turning its clinic operations over to another hospital. When Interfaith’s board refused to do so this week, she said, the authority withheld the money



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