It has come out now in the news that she was trying avoid sexual assault.  You can read the entire story atimage the link at the bottom here and her being tossed out of the squad car, all on tape.  She and two male friends had been drinking and were waiting for a cab.  The police up and took her inside the cab to arrest her for public drunken behavior and left the two men. Now that’s sounds like a very strong case right there as she was half naked falling out of the car. 

She no teeth left and went through hell to recover.  She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and the LAPD says no comment on pending litigations.  BD 

Pharmacist Video

A 27-year-old Los Angeles pharmacist has sued the Los Angeles Police Department over injuries she sustained when she was thrown from a moving squad car. The New York Daily News reported that Kim Nguyen says she fell from the car as she struggled to escape sexual assault by a police officer.

“He was grabbing my left inner thigh, trying to — I’m assuming — opening my legs,” she said in her deposition about the incident.

Horrifying surveillance video shows a half-naked Nguyen tumbling from the police car into the street. She was badly injured and only regained consciousness when she emerged from a six-day medically induced coma.

Her attorney Arnoldo Cassillas said to KCAL that his client spent two weeks in the hospital with her jaw wired shut. All of her teeth were shattered in the fall and had to be pulled. She is suing for criminal negligence.


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