The Medical Quack likes what Dr. Michelson does with his philanthropy efforts and of course his battle years ago with patent violations from fighting big corporate USA stand out and made him a very wealthy man, but he didn’t let Medtronic take it away.  If you read through the article here from the LA Times, he didn’t even go to USC.  Below you can read more about the patent history and about the surgical devices he invented.  I write quite a bit today about doctors that are struggling with the healthcare system we have today if you call it that so he’s an inspiration as one who didn’t let corporate USA eat his lunch <grin>.  In March the doctor will be inducted into the National Academy of Inventors as he holds over 950 patents. 

Dr. Gary K. Michelson With Philanthropy, Pets and One Who Won over Big Business

In addition this was a few years ago when he started his Michelson Prize  to find a ways and methodology to sterilize cats and dogs without surgery and there’s quite a few folks working on it.  Being a animal love myself I look forward to the day that we have it.  I wrote to his association as I though Zeutering was maybe part of it but it’s not and was developed elsewhere and it’s not for both breeds either, but they were nice in giving me the information that I was not otherwise able to find.  Oh yes and maybe one day soon Healthgrades might update their listing (still a cached page out there) on the doctor since he’s been retired from active practice for years, so don’t put much credibility in those online doctor listings. 

$75 Million to Sterilize Pets With A Non Surgical Procedure - $10 Million to Build a Better Health Care System in the US

His gift as he states is for the good of humanity, so nice to hear that today and the new center will carry his name, the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience.  He worked most of his career in Inglewood at Centinela Hospital.  This is a whole new building to be constructed and it will take about 3 years to complete.  You can also read  more at the USC News website here.  BD 

USC will be constructing a new building for bioscience research, thanks in part to a $50-million gift from Gary K. Michelson, a retired orthopedic surgeon and inventor of spinal implants and other medical devices, the university is announcing Monday.

The new, 190,000-square-foot USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience will house up to 30 labs investigating a range of biomedical topics. With groundbreaking expected later this year and completion in three years, it will be located at the southwest quadrant of the main campus south of downtown Los Angeles. Michelson’s $50 million is less than half of the total anticipated cost but was needed to move the project ahead, officials said.

Michelson’s philanthropy is wide ranging. He has a strong interest in animal welfare and funds research in nonsurgical sterilization of cats and dogs as a way to reduce the number of animals put to death in shelters. He also has funded the Twenty Million Minds Foundation, an education organization that seeks to help students afford and succeed in college with online textbooks and other technologies.,0,2163748.story#ixzz2qLl8ukjc


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