It just doesn’t stop.  This is a router that small businesses can use to offer free WiFi service to clients but the catch is you have to use a Facebook account to long on so as long you don’t mind Facebook tracking you all over the web, and missing a bit of privacy then you can as a customer use the free Wi-Fi.  Maybe this tracking capability is right next to the NSA chip? (grin) image

You will also have to share your location as well as your shopping behavior.  So will these be popping up all over?  Well if you are a doctor and wanting to connect to your medical records system remotely, and you want to use this free Wi-Fi, you might want to think about it.  BD 

D-Link introduced a new wireless router on Thursday aimed at small business providers that would like to treat customers to free Wi-Fi.

Facebook is making that free connectivity possible with the condition that patrons log into the social network and check in at the respective company's Facebook page.

Other than that, D-Link assured that users don't have to enter any additional codes or be pressed to sign up for more services.

Specs-wise, the D-Link 11AC Router sports 1750Mbps Wi-Fi with 802.11ac along with an SPI firewall and WPA2 security measures.


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