Mr. Corday is not alone and sure he has good intentions as do most government executives but he’s just one more out there sucked into “The Grays” of virtual values and can’t see the humans for the algorithms.  I named this ugly phenomena a while back and I call it the “Sebelius Syndrome” as there was nobody more visible in the public’s eyes and we kept seeing the sad show over and over and over.  She was whipped early on by the Killer Algorithms and when folks can’t determine what’s a real world value versus a virtual value, well I don’t need to say a lot more as it’s been on display now for quite a while.  Even here is a prime example on getting lost in virtual values when a while back Sebelius determined she needed more spy type of information on how HHS employees were talking within the agency, total nut case virtual value. When you see such activities like this you know up front there’s insecurity as folks without some “data mechanics logic” in their background and the fear to learn a little bit ends up dumping out insanity monitoring like this at the “bees” link below. 

In a letter from May 15, addressed to FHFA Director Mel Watt and CFPB Director Richard Cordray, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) alleged that "this expansion represents an unwarranted intrusion into the private lives of ordinary Americans and I agree with it. 

Washington Examiner has a full detailed story here. 

Jon Stewart is great with his comedy about pulling this out center stage and does give us an chance to laugh about it but again nothing gets done.  My favorite Sebelius public blunder was “hurry up Health IT”…which again shows lack of data mechanics knowledge as people doing software are working at about 150% all the time anyway, but she didn’t get that and yes this brought a roar out from the tech community as well.   It gave banks and insurers yet a little more confidence that “The Grays” were going to be running for quite a while, so they could continue creating more profit models with little disruption from the government.  At the time Sebelius was all wrapped up in Facebook with even having a contests, so see what I mean by lost in virtual values, social networks are all virtual and have their place, but hey they make money when they can dupe as well as provide a platform as Facebook has done. 

Sebelius Has Bees in Her Bonnet–Giving A Contract to Good Data to Mine HHS Employees Data So We Can See What They Think? Who Cares…Algo Duping Strikes Again…

Again it’s nothing personal but when you see these folks running around captured in a world of virtual values it begins to stick out like a sore thumb.  Both Sebelius and Corday share these weird values and its plays out in the news all the time.  Code runs hog ass wild while they focus on verbiage and are just completely lost on what to do.  Banks, insurers and so on just love this as they are lot smarter and see it as a great opportunity to work their models to increase their own profits with these folks running around with virtual values, in essence just lost.  I saw it coming way back in 2009 with Sebelius as I already had figured out the game with seeing what the other side was doing and why do you think we have the uneven money distribution we have today?  It’s all done with math models and code while executives, Congress and even the White House run around with their “virtual values” and again can’t see the humans for the algorithms.  This is what occurred at the VA and look where it got us…in a very toxic situation and again having executives being Algo Duped will allow this to continue with no hope of return and that scares me. 

Cordray even had problems within his own agency with “virtual” values as well with employee reviews and see how this syndrome rolls over into many other areas.  The guy’s just lost with virtual values stuck in his head and this has been a long time conditioning that’s been going on for quite a while and the problem is the virtual values come over into the real world and end up hurting us with bits of insanity and logic floating around everywhere.  Sure he got attacked in his own department as Cordray was off in “virtual land”. 

Richard Cordray on the Daily Show, Small Efforts, Still Doesn’t Understand Modeling and Data Mechanics As Heard In The Conversation, Low Tech Solutions For High Tech Problems Is About As Good As It Gets..

Now we have this insane project from Mr. Cordray on building a data base on all the credit information on US citizens headed up by his department.  I said when that was announced how nuts he was as again there’s a big lack of “data mechanics logic” here and look what he’s doing, just repeating what Sebelius did when she wanted to “spy” more on the HHS employees…just lost as hell again.  We don’t need this data base but again people that really don’t understand how values of data work, make this mistake over and over and over.  He’s going to end up with monster to manage but perhaps that’s job security in having a monster to manage?  Who knows, but he’s out there in “virtual” land. 

I’m a big privacy advocate and want something done outside of virtual values to help consumers as I’m one of them too and I just don’t see anything happening as so many executives are lost in virtual land and as I mentioned above, banks and corporations love it as they can create some new models for profit while these folks wonder around not having a clue looking for the “Algorithm Fairies”.  I wrote a while back about the lack of data sleuths in government and asked why don’t they hire some who know what the “real” world is all about.  Quants get it as they are the real talent that know how to create models and code and there are both sides to that discussion as well as it made trillions for the banks with models and proprietary code that everyone’s afraid to talk about.  If you need some clues into their brilliant insight and talent, watch the 4 videos in the footer of this blog.  Nerds never get to be heard as Cathy O’Neill says in video number three and that is correct and we get folks like Cordray and Sebelius walking around numb in virtual land. 

Lack of Modeling and Algorithm Sleuths and Stalkers In Government, Part of Why We See Such “Silly” HHS and Congressional News About Financial Donations And/Or Solicitations…

I did see a little light in the recent White House Big Data/Privacy Report to where one of the recommendations was for the consumer protection agency to “learn up” more about financial technologies so somebody at least had a glimpse of “The Grays” and lack of “data mechanics knowledge” there.  I didn’t expect a lot from that report as again when you see all of these folks and what they say in public, you can pin point they are just lost with virtual values while banks, insurers, etc. just walk all over them with math models and subsequent algorithms that perform on servers 24/7.  We did have the President address inequality but it seems that’s where it ended from what I have seen in the news.   We can always go for more recognition of this but we need action as well with coming out of “The Grays” and doing something.  Read the link below if you like for more of my thoughts there, it’s basically very much the same as what I am saying here, folks stuck in virtual worlds while consumers eat it. 

President Obama Defines Inequality As A Real Problem in the US That Needs to Be Addressed–Most of It Is Modeled By Banks and Companies With Power and Code to Move and Gain Money and Restrict Access–The System “Is” Rigged…

I like a good laugh but this year I chose not to watch the annual news correspondents show because it was too close to real life and making humor of virtual values hurting consumers was just not my cup of tea this year as if you have read this far I think I have pretty much spelled it out that we have most all our government executives floating around with “virtual” values and we’ve lost most of them as far as being in touch with “the real world”.  Virtual values and this lost sensation is alive and well over at Congress (the folks that choose remain bliss and out of touch and just vie for media attention)  too so it’s an epidemic that just won’t stop with the wrong people being in the wrong jobs I guess.  It even bothered me a bit to see the “Obama/Biden” selfie as it seemed to be just one more reminder of how out of touch they seem to be with the “real world”. Google is having a Hay day with manipulating both parties in DC these days as they have pretty much figured out the psychology involved on how to approach the bliss on the hill and get pretty much what they want as their lobbying money is only second to GE these days. 

We want jobs to rebuild the economy and failing infrastructure and all we got as consumers were a bunch of algorithms that score us and deny access.  So this latest effort by Mr. Corday, there you go, he wants a data base on all ourimage credit information, sucked in like a true person confused with virtual values at a time when we are fighting to maintain some privacy and decency. 

If you take a minute and read the World Privacy Forum report, they address this very situation and the rest of the world is watching “The Scoring of America” as they don’t have these extremes with virtual values like this in other countries.  Some of the other countries are starting to look at us like we’re nuts and maybe we are with so many current leaders running around in “virtual land”.  Even Elizabeth Warren, and I like her, is stuck out there a bit too as she’s trying but what did she do?  She wrote a book..big deal as there’s no shortage of those out there today and they don’t do thing except make some money for those writing it. 

She proposed reenacting Glass Steagall, and that’s better than nothing but it’s only a band aid as the folks who model and write code will work all around it.  Banks, insurers and other corporations are total experts at that as they have been doing it for years.  Here’s a post from a year ago (link below) on this topic as to me it’s crystal clear what’s happening here with folks not being able to separate and distinguish what’s a virtual value and where the real world kicks in.  I have learned a lot about this from reading about what Quants have to say and again they are considered nerds and never get to be heard, but there’s you real intelligence, the folks that don’t get to be heard and we end up with the nonsense of economists who as the #1 Quant in the world Paul Wilmott says, “economists don’t have laws, Isaac Newton has laws, they just have ideas that may or may not work”…”It will never be 100 bottles of beer” absolute wisdom here that those stuck in the virtual world just pass by.  Anyone want to waste anymore time talking virtual values of Piketty?  It’s makes for good click bait but nothing gets solved, he doesn’t have laws just idea and we can kill months and months debating his math and ideas.  Again the banks, insurers and corporations thrive on this and love seeing everyone distracted as they go about their business of creating more models for profit as the world is stuck over here discussing a bunch of virtual values. 

Hiding, Falsifying, And Accelerating Risk Has Become the Achilles Heel of the US Economy As the “Real” World” Clashes With the Values Created From a World of “Fictional Values” Of Formulas and Math

Most are more of the same, just folks stuck in “virtual values” with no data mechanics knowledge running around the same tree over and over, and those types of books anymore are starting to say and show the same thing, so you read one, you’ve read them all.  There are some much more colorful that others out there though when some really trip over the real world.  I guess we shall see what Hillary Clinton comes up with on her book and again I like her and she’s done good things but writing a book doesn’t solve anything today.   Again I like her but I’m not going to waste my time right now with more “virtual” world stuff while the real world is screaming for help, and I’m part of the real world.  Doctors deal with the real world every day and we have a name for it: patients. 

Doctors too are stuck in dealing with virtual values, with broken software, analytics, etc. that crash with what they are trying to do in healing.  They too have everything coming down on them with virtual values and it disrupts practicing medicine and sure we need software and analytics, but it’s gone too virtual today as well.  Here’s a recent example to where an insurance company now, WellPoint is going to pay doctors to use their “prescribed” cancer treatments…what the hell is this now, kickbacks?  They are getting away with it as WellPoint quants modeled it and have used context in promoting this that gets everyone to buy in as their quants pulled in some real virtual values and made a case of it.  I keep telling everyone this is where the brains are and the very talented people, aka Quants that know how to toss virtual values into the real world for money. 

Quants are paid to create a model and do a job and they do it for their pay, regardless of how it will affect the consumer.  We can just chuck all those studies about technology saving Healthcare “trillions” and evens some of the “billions” studies that were put out there over and over,  as you can see now as time has evolved, they were just bunk that duped you in and were repeated on Twitter like a bunch of magpies with everyone sucked in.  I watch every day with folks thinking stats are something they need to repeat and it’s nothing that touches them personally but we have become a nation of stat rats anymore.  Sure there are some studies and statistics worth reporting by all means and we like those but the smart marketing folks who know how to turn this bliss into money use this conditioning to rack you into quantitated justifications for things not true as well.  We sure seem to get a ton of what could be called Spurious Correlations too with studies, so much so that it caught the attention of a Harvard student who made a website with a little satire showing how “ridiculously silly” we get at times with thinking some things correlate with others. 

If you watch video #2, Quants of Wall Street you can see the Hippocratic Oath for Quants and Modelers discussed but it’s only an oath and doesn’t stop cheating and lying with models either. 

WellPoint Begins New Oncology Program For Providers Offering Doctors $350 Monthly Payment For Each Patient Treated Using Insurers Recommendations - Is This A Kickback Offer?

Banks and insurance companies have just morphed into being big software companies any way I said a couple years ago and now we have the P2P lending companies too which are nothing but software facilitating another way to loan money.  They only fund about 10% of their applicants and the 90% of data probably gets sold.  In addition the basic concept of P2P loans is getting away from us as well and we are going right back into a subprime selling of loans as bonds again as hedge funds and banks are back in scooping them up, so the initial individual CDO concept there as designed is being consumed once again by big financial corporations.  It’s a different bunch of loans and smaller than mortgage loans but will end up in the same end result as we have regulators there to being duped all over the place.   The SEC is pretty well duped with another Sebelius Syndrome executive over there too…”systems are not rigged”…Algo Duping once again. 

So here we go again with the wrong guy doing the wrong job.  I’m not normally a big supporter of the GOP but they are right in us not needing this data base with all the financial data on consumers in the US, we just have a lost soul with Richard Corday living in “virtual land” that can’t see the humans for the algorithms and sure he’s trying but he lacks data mechanics knowledge to really make anything happen and himself is kind of ending up as just one more “data serf” out there sucked in.  Cordray is a big one for being stuck with quantitated justifications for things not true and is just shuffling through his virtual perceptions creating little value other than some low hanging fruit where he has had some success. 

Cordray is doing little on the actual cause of consumers rip offs as well as the FTC as they don’t want to go there as it means math and models and really digging in other than just some additional verbiage in a law..and that too is getting more complex as how in the heck does the average consumer under half of what it out there.  I don’t expect and neither should anyone all consumers self included to understand big bulks of the law but the common things that touch us are now being blown out of proportion by banks, insurers, corporations and heck we don’t get a chance and we have these Algo Duped folks like Sebelius and Cordray that say “we need more consumer education” instead of attacking the root of where the complexities begin.  They also don’t have to deal with it online day to day as we do, so duped it is and blame those old dumb consumers for not being educated once again. 

God forbid we have executives come out of their virtual worlds and come to face with this, much easier to remain Algo Duped and again, banks, insurers and corporations love it as they can create even more financial, insurance and other models that get more complex for us to deal with and they do it because that is profit, keep the consumers confused an we’ll make money is the way it goes.  So anyway, I’m taking my turn at the tables to talk about the real world here and not the virtual values our leaders are sucked into I guess.  Nothing personal but it just grinds me to see all us suffer while the virtual bliss folks just wonder around without a data mechanics clue.

Visit the Killer Algorithm page if you want to learn up and see what’s really going on.  I put it out there for awareness and learning so for those who want more than just another political side show and want to see how virtual values impact the real world and yourself, the videos are there. 

Like I said above, even Jon Stewart is having a difficult time making these digital illiterates out there look good:)  The cheers and rah rahs are just not there as folks in the know that understand this virtual world confusion, just see right to core.  God forbid we get a “Richard Cordray” book out there next.  Here’s a couple back links here on what I see through my eyes, a big fail here, living in virtual values. 

Richard Cordray on the Daily Show, Small Efforts, Still Doesn’t Understand Modeling and Data Mechanics As Heard In The Conversation, Low Tech Solutions For High Tech Problems Is About As Good As It Gets..
Richard Cordray, Fail With Understanding Flawed Models and Algorithms -Big Case of“Algo Duping”With Big Data-Save Time, Hire Quants Who Know How Consumer Financial Models Are Built and Function…Geez

When his appointment was announced, I blogged this (link below) and is saying then what I’m saying today and sadly it came true with my suspicions, one more for the Algo Duping files.  image

President Appoints Richard Cordray as New Consumer Financial Protection Chief - Hope He Knows And Understands Correcting Flawed Math and Formulas To Battle the “Financial Attack of Killer Algorithms” On Consumers With Banks and Corporate USA

I probably managed with this post to attack a few folks but not done to hurt anyone but rather to try to raise the awareness of the fact that what’s happening out there is not cutting it as long as we have leaders living in virtual worlds and can’t the see the failures of the current day models failing and crashing at every turn. 

When are folks going to wake up, return to the real world and stop writing books?  BD


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