SydaSoft is a sponsor at the Medical Quack and you can review more about what they provide at their website ,you can always find listed under the “sponsor” listing at the right side of this page. 

In addition Sydasoft has a sister company that can help you get started with setting up a medical billing company image“out of the box” named ClaimTek Systems.  The video below give you an in-depth look at how a professional billing service would use SydaMED software.  Again whether you are a practice, clinic, or a billing company, SydaMED software it set to handle the job.  

Whether you are a medical practice or billing service the biometrics add ins along with speech recognition can help make your job easier.  If you are currently using an electronic medical records system that does not include practice management and medical billing, SydaMED can be a perfect companion with an HL7 link. 

Actually this is the first practice management software I have seen that includes biometrics for access and security.  The video presentation is a good overall looks at how the software works and is created with a focus on how a billing service would use the software, but if you are doing your billing in-house at the practice, the video is well worth a look as it’s very complete and takes you through a lot of steps so you pretty much know up front how the software will work.  The video is pretty detailed for each portion of how the software functions and previews some of the advanced features available. 

You can download a “demo” version of the software by registering here and submit a small number of claims to see how the software functions  and works. 

The company website provides you with additional information with answers for both existing billing services and new billing services and has a complete out of the box system for starting your own billing service.  Training is conducted via Webex for those getting started.  The software uses SQL server as the data base and you can choose either a local client/server installation in your office or go with “the cloud” to have access anywhere.  This is part four of six part series to introduce you to SydaMED.  At the link below is a client testimonial to hear from a real client how SydaMED has helped her create and start her billing service.  BD

SydaSoft Medical Billing Software - A Good ROI Value With a Client Testimonial

From the website:

A Note for Established Medical Billing Services
If you are an established billing service, SydaMED can help expand your business and enhance your profitability. As a billinimageg service, you need to have greater flexibility in order to maximize the potential of your business. You need to bill for many types of specialties. For example, you most likely need software the can handle general medical, chiropractic, UB-92, DME, and so on.
SydaMED is your answer.  This state-of-the-art medical practice management software is the most attractive, easiest-to-use medical billing software system on the market.  Contact us at 800-400-9558 for details on converting your medical billing service to SydaMED. 

A Note to New Medical Billing Services
If you are a start-up billing service in need of comprehensive training on software and billing daily operations, we recommend getting full-scale training from ClaimTek Systems. ClaimTek can provide you with a comprehensive package that includes software, training, marketing and support program. ClaimTek programs teach you how to perform medical billing, market to medical providers, and get support on every step of setting up your business. For more information, visit


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