This kind of news just pisses everybody off and it was the VA’s mistake.  You every is frigging data all over the place, why don’t they take a look and see how much income this 89 years man has.  From what I’m reading here it’s an automatic payment and could an 89 year old man not notice a tiny bit more in the deposit?  Sure he could miss it or believe it was perhaps a small cost of living increase too as none of us know what the hell comes down the tubes anymore with constant business analytics algorithms shifting right and left imageall the time, as what’s here today is gone tomorrow.

The VA is not the only one to make stupid mistakes like this it happened in New York a while back with this story with leaving another person like nothing to live on!  What’ the F**k!  Here’s where you need humans to come in and look at some of this stuff and see that ethics are being carried out before the chomping algorithms come out and do this.  If you are the recipient end of this, it hurts and causes you to lose access to money, food, you name it.  Then we have the little “dizzies” that come along to fix it but hell it might take them months. 

New York Subway Worker, Dubbed as a Hero Has Pension Reduced to $5.00 a Month–Retirement System Error–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 35

We also know that “the machines” will never have ethics, no matter how hard folks try to tell you they can program this, they do as programmed and yes can be trained to recognize certain patterns in us, but is that considered ethics, no, its programming.  Here’s a good essay written on that topic where a data scientist talked about his trying to do just those are limitations of machine learning and what you get is kick in the teeth from some Killer Algorithms. 

Limitations And Risks Of Machine ethics (That Really Don’t Exist) - Abstract Basically Substantiating the Existence of What I Coined As “The Attacks of the Killer Algorithms”…

I have an entire page with a lot of videos that discuss Killer Algorithms in many aspects, a lot of it financial so you have time check out some videos and see how all of this is done and how you have no say over proprietary computer algorithms that making life impacting decisions on servers 24/7 about all of us that reach out and bite you when you lease expect it sometimes.   BD 

An 89-year-old Navy veteran who came under heavy enemy fire aboard a landing craft on D-Day is accusing bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs of slashing his veterans benefits to $6 a month from $300.

Joseph Teson, of Watervliet, N.Y., told WNYT-TV he used to get $300 a month in benefits, about a third of which he would donate to veterans groups. He said the VA cut his benefits to recoup an overpayment of more than $3,000 that he never even noticed.

The letter had a toll-free number, which Teson’s daughter Tami called. No one at the VA could tell her how and why the overpayment happened. She said her father never realized he was getting more than he should have, WNYT reported.


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