MedPost centers are currently located in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas and from what I read here the facilities that are  now operating under other names will now be rebranded to reflect theimage MedPost identity.  Currently there are 190 outpatient centers operated by Tenet and it could be imaging, surgical centers, etc.  Three locations in Dallas were existing urgent care centers as an example.

Tenet Healthcare Buys Vanguard Health for $1.8 Billion Cash and Assumes $2.5 Billion in Debt

You could have possibly received services at a Tenet facility and not been aware of it.  In addition Tenet is expanding it downtown Dallas headquarters and this was party due to acquiring Vanguard Health systems last year.  The CEO said ER visits have not decreased since Obamacare began.  Hospital profits and losses have been all over the board as well and it looks like Tenet is crawling back up.  A while back too Tenet was the subject of a potential hostile take over itself which didn’t go anywhere with Community Health. 

Hospital Profits and Revenue All Over the Place–Tenet Shows $28 Million While a Non Profit UPMC in Pennsylvania Has Excess Revenues of a Billion a Year & Hospital Revenue Cycling Subsidiaries Compete With Those Owned And Operated by Insurance Company Subsidiaries…

In addition Tenet is partnering with Texas Tech to build a teaching hospital in El Paso.  Now also in the Urgent care business, look at what United Healthcare is doing, will these be right across the street from Tenet hospitals:)  In addition United also owns either completely or 51% of some of the largest surgical groups in the US too so perhaps some of these doctors will be working at Tenet MedPost facilities too, you never know as the subsidiary games rolls things into a very confusing pattern at times with who owns who.

United Healthcare Now Entering the Urgent Care Clinic Business To Help Keep Patients Out of the ER, Two More Opening In Houston–Subsidiary Watch

So we have both hospitals and insurers competing for urgent care.  Beach Surgical Holdingsimage, a holding company for another company is 51% owned by United and/or Optum and they manage physicians in over 130 surgical centers in the US so again it winds around as these physicans could work in a surgical center owned by Tenet and then be managed by United Healthcare or an owned subsidiary.  If that being the case this makes the line to walk interesting for Tenet at times.  BD 

Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. has rebranded its urgent care centers into a national network called MedPost Urgent Care, the company announced Monday.

Six of the 23 facilities are in Texas. Three are in the Dallas area. MedPost plans to double the number of centers by the end of the year.

The three Dallas-area facilities were existing urgent care centers rebranded under the MedPost name. A majority of the other MedPost locations were Tenet locations that the company rebranded.

Before the MedPost branding, Tenet’s urgent care locations did not operate under a unified name and often took on names of nearby Tenet hospitals.


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