All Medical Quacks have waste of some sort, right:)  All kidding aside here Medasend has their corporate offices in the OC where I’m at and has the ability to service accounts from small to large, so no contract is too small by any means.  Currentlyimage they have some hospital contracts as well to include the State of California and a couple VA facilities.  For hospitals of course they offer compliance training, OSHA manuals and just about any other type of training and services you could think of relative to the business.  All such services are brought together under one portal for access and management.  In addition should you have recalled products and drugs, they can help with that as well.

Also they can take care of urgent calls from fire departments, police departments, etc. as those types of agencies end up with medical waste maybe not as planned, but there are needs for picks up to be made.  In addition, dental offices also have medical waste and the company offers services there as well.  There’s also a “mail back” business for small items and there’s an e-commerce portion of the site to where all types of medical waste products can be purchased with everything from labels, eye protection disinfectants, gowns, aprons, face masks and shoe protectors. 










Here’s a video that previews safety training for Blood borne Pathogens and related information.  It’s only a preview but it gives you an idea as to how the training is conducted, etc. 

They are not in the disposal of medical records though and you’ll need to seek else where for those services:)  If you find yourself in need of medical services I would encourage you to give a call and get a quote and see what Medasend can do for you. 

One small detail to remember is to be sure and tell them you found their service via the Medical Quack for special pricing whether you are a hospital, dental office, physician’s office or clinic or even a veterinarian. 

Here’s a list of services offered with links that refer you to pages with additional information on each item. 

From the website:

“Medasend currently services accounts in the entire United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. Since our inception more than a decade ago, Medasend has supplied hundreds of thousands of medical waste containers to customers all over the United States.

We provide our clients with 24-hour support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Regardless of the size of your facility, it is our mission to provide each client with the same level of service and support. We also offer webinars on infection control, workplace safety and OSHA compliance, which include continuing education units for our clients.

Our Healthcare Compliance Training programs include waste segregation training, pharmaceutical management training, non-RCRA and RCRA hazardous waste training, HIPAA, bloodborne pathogen training, OSHA compliance, TJC, first aid, CPR, health and safety training, ICD-9/10, infectious disease awareness, non-DOT training, MSDS training, emergency preparedness and many more. These programs help keep you and your staff safe as well as greatly reducing accidental exposure in the work place. Click here for more information.”


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