I live in the OC and you can’t help but notice the unofficial bed partners of Untied Healthcare subsidiaries and Memorial Care here.  It’s getting more pronounced all the time as United owns Monarch MDs as well as Memorial Care MD group and owns the company that runs Greater Newport Doctors, amongst a ton of other investments too where 51% controlling interest is held. 

MemorialCare in California Buys New Orange County Headquarters to Consolidate Office And Provide Facilities for Doctors Groups Either Owned or Managed By United HealthCare
UC Irvine Affiliates Itself With The Largely Managed And/Or Owned Orange County UnitedHealthCare Subsidiary Manifesto

I always like to look at where subsidiaries have influence and where they operate within our Healthcare system as a bit of transparency never hurts so I’m guessing we have Memorial Care maybe getting some guidance here as United has tons of consultingimage companies.  Again this is just a guess on my part after watching all the action over the last few years.  The new company name here is Summation Health Ventures and the focus is, well guess what “more software” and that’s what United does with their Optum subsidiary, crank out more and more and more software that does analytics.  So let me guess here, is there a chance that this new venture might suggest that folks maybe write some apps or code for one of the Untied Healthcare data platforms?  It’s a guess but let’s watch and see how it all works.  I just try to follow cash and code trails in Health IT.  Verizon does a lot of cash for code promotions too for their platform. 

In addition, how many physicians are going to jump for joy to write code?  I guess we shall see in time.  Life Sciences needs coders for sure but we keep hitting the Health IT area where we are drowning in one after another.  Some MDs in the Memorial system too tell me they get paid less than Medicare, so they can maybe learn to write code and supplement their income?  Take a look at the link below to see a ton of subsidiaries with United and other insurers are building them too. 

Health Insurance Business Under the Radar With Tiered Subsidiaries–Where All the Action Takes Place With Mergers, Acquisitions and Profit Centers-Subsidiary Watch

I could be out to lunch in speculating here so take it as that but so far I’ve been on target with watching all the complex subsidiary actions of health insurers quite a bit  and where they have substantial influence.  We have Memorial Foundation members on the board where the physician's group works out of.  There was a fund called MemorialCare Investment Fund and I think this is a new version of that effort.  I guess the fund could also invest in devices too, but again time will tell and keep your eyes open for potential interactions perhaps with the United subsidiaries s thing develop too.   In reading about this I heard very little from Cedars other than the money was equal but MemorialCare seems to be running the how overall.  BD

Cedars-Sinai Health System and MemorialCare Health System this week announced the launch of Summation Health Ventures, which they say will enable entrepreneurs, inventors and companies focused on health IT, medical device and other healthcare services to make use of their clinical and technical expertise.

The fund's strategic investments will focus on startup, privately-held and early- to mid-stage companies with experienced management teams, revenue growth potential and products that can improve care delivery, officials say.

"Patient-centered information technologies are essential tools to providing the highest quality of care," adds Thomas M. Prisleac, Cedars-Sinai's president and CEO. "This partnership between Cedars-Sinai and MemorialHealth will foster extraordinary innovation that will help physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals and patients locally and around the nation."



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