It’s been a while back but it’s here now and I would guess that at some point in time proceduresimage here may be option if not already.  I did not see it on the website but again being outside the US different laws and rules of course apply. 

Shetty Signs Partner Agreement with Ascension Health For New “Indian” Style Managed Hospital to Be Built in the Caymans–Medical Tourism

“Health City Cayman Islands is the vision of famed India heart surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty. As Chairman of Narayana Health, he oversees a network of 14 hospitals across India. Narayana Health is joined in the first phase of the project by Ascension, the largest private not for profit health system in the United States.”

“Over the next decade, the hospital will expand to a 2,000-bed facility, and expects to be a JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) Accredited facility providing care in major specialties including neurology, oncology and other cutting edge tertiary care. The complex is also planned to have a medical university and an assisted-care living community.”

It is kind of different when you go to a Catholic Hospital system website and see “investor relations” but this is their VC group they set up a while back.

Catholic Health Initiatives To Invest $200 Million in Various Areas of Healthcare Via Newly Created VC Group–Non-Profit Portfolio Algorithms

Accretive Healthcare is certainly glad these days Ascension renewed their contract as well.   The Cayman Islands are also known for being tax havens for big companies and Aetna files their re-insurance program through the Cayman Islands.  You can look at most of the health insurance carriers and see a “Cayman” entity in their SEC listings. 

There’s no pricing information yet on the website and I’m sure it’s still work in progress.  This will be interesting to see how this works with Ascension with more of an active roll or just standing by as an investor.  BD 

Warm climates have always appealed to medical tourists, and Health City Cayman Islands, a 130,000-square-foot facility that opened in early 2014, takes advantage of its tropical location by providing an abundance of natural light and views to nature.image

Designed to attract Americans to the island for cardiovascular and orthopedic health services, the hospital is a partnership between Narayana Health, which oversees a network of 14 hospitals across India, and Ascension, a private not-for-profit health system in the U.S.

Project designer Damon Romanello, executive director and managing principal at Studio+ (Fort Myers, Fla.), says the location was chosen based on its proximity to the U.S. as well as the willingness of the Cayman government to support the project.


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