This has been in the works for a while as United continues to grow their business through the multitude of subsidiarimagey companies they own/operate or have 51% controlling interest in.  Overall this change is costing Express Scripts just under 2000 jobs nationally.  Perhaps some may be able to get a job at Optum RX the old Prescriptive Solutions under a new name.   Not too long ago the company bought a major interest in another gamificaiton/data scraping company.  United is all into the bot and data game for sure and has been for a long time as they are one of the biggest in healthcare that operates in this area too.  On that topic we had the White House privacy report released yesterday which was basically a bunch of “nothing” and everything we have already heard before about data mining and I guess now that we have a report, it shows efforts were done to look at it, but when you look at it, no value there at all, just another report to consume your time to read that goes nowhere. 

UnitedHealthGroup Buys Majority Interest of Audax, Gamification and Data Mining/Selling Platform Operation–Subsidiary Watch

You can even find a company subsidiary that does hospice for profit too.  We have big conglomerate just getting bigger every day it seems.  A while back I did a blog post that identifies many of the subsidiaries with some links and you can also visit the SEC 15 page listing of companies as well.  BD 

Hospice In the “For Profit” Sector As Subsidiaries of Health Insurance Companies-Subsidiary Watch

Tampa, Florida -- A jobs alert out of Tampa where nearly 400 people will soon be out of work.

Express Scripts, a national pharmacy benefit manager which has operations in imageTampa, said it lost a big client and that's costing employees their jobs. Nationwide, the St. Louis-based company says it will have to cut 1,890 jobs.

"Over the past year we've had a reduction in the amount of prescriptions we manage. Part of that is because a client, United Healthcare. has decided to take its pharmacy benefit management business in house," said company spokesman Brian Henry.

Employees were notified this week. Henry says there should be no impact to patients filling prescriptions.


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