According the filing below, this change took place effective January 1st of this year so as I read this all patient records, documentation, etc. would need some type of update to reflect the new names, policies and coverage.  As we all follow data trails today, that is what occurs.  I believe doctors have all been notified that they are now “Monarch” affiliations and members versus the former names used and probably patients to if not already are or have been notified that they are now part of the bigger Monarch Healthcare group.image  The listing below seems to include all the other aliases or also known as names where the physicians groups covered.  I might guess new member cards could be in the making as well.  This creates a very large physician’s group as both were very large to begin with.  UC Irvine had also affiliated itself with United a while back.  If you missed it over the last couple of years either United or their subsidiary purchased both the Memorial and Monarch doctor’s groups.  The wording of this report was interesting as well as lives and providers have been dropped from inventory. 

Is that nice to hear that all of us are just “inventory” in corporate minds…yet one more case of “The Grays” with this terminology. 

“All lives & providers absorbed by Monarch, dropped from 2014 inventory”

It appears so far that both “working” offices are still separate so far.  There’s all kinds of mergers and acquisitions going on.  You see another example below on how the corporation created a new company to work with Dignity Hospitals basically for revenue accounting. 

United Healthcare Adding Yet One More Subsidiary to the Very Large Number of Subs They Already Own/Operate-Optum and Dignity Healthcare (A System Wide Cerner EHR Client) Form New Venture Called Optum 360–Subsidiary Watch

Here’s yet one more example of perhaps not owning outright but the investment of owning 51% of a major surgical physician’s group too.  It gets confusing keep track of who owns who, under what name, etc.  The link below talks about yet another subsidiary created called Beach Surgical.  You have to pay attention as when you identify a subsidiary and then go and look at the other side, are they in part ownership with yet another subsidiary?  That may or may not be the case but it takes an effort to sort it all through at times to follow it. Wave Imaging a subsidiary of MemorialCare Foundation and I don’t know how they figured into all of this either.  Simon Med is another one in here to where 51% controlling interest is either direct or a subsidiary of Untied. 

UnitedHealthcare Making Bigger ACO Payments in the Future? Guess They Would Be When Either Attaining Ownership or 51% Controlling Interest in 130 Surgical Center Physicians With Beach Surgical Holdings, Another Subsidiary

Furthermore you can kind of look at where people and offices are being grouped to see how this is starting to work.  You can see yet where another large physician’s group and I think this is still current, Greater Newport Physicians is managed by a company that was a subsidiary of Memorial Care Foundation of which the physician's  group was a part of and now I would guess that Nautilus is part of Monarch so it all wraps around with subsidiaries  here.  Here’s a couple links from the archives. 

MemorialCare in California Buys New Orange County Headquarters to Consolidate Office And Provide Facilities for Doctors Groups Either Owned or Managed By United HealthCare
United Healthcare Subsidiary MemorialCare Medical Foundation Acquires Nautilus Healthcare Management Who Manages Greater Newport Physicians-MDs Become Part of MemorialCare System–Subsidiary Watch

I would assume every time there’s a change here in affiliations doctors get new contracts and I am hearing too from MDs in the OC and in Long Beach that they are now via complex contracts to be in network, getting paid at rates less than Medicare provides, so I don’t know is this part of why the Monarch ACA is doing so well as touted?  I’m just tossing the question out there.  A couple years ago we had this acquisition too.

UnitedHealthCare Buys Another Company XLHealth HMO Medicare Advantage Managed Care With Heavy Analytics–Subsidiary Watch

There are other kinds of subsidiaries too, such as the cheap hearing aides that yet another subsidiary provides too. 

UnitedHealthCare Throws in Free Hearing Aids for Those Who Enroll In AARP Medicare Advantage, HMO & POS Plans in Miami-Dade County From Their New Subsidiary

With electronic medical records systems too it get interesting with which system is used as things changed and subsidiaries grew too as this can mean more business for one firm and maybe less for another?  Below is a post from the archives here that shows the use of NextGen but at hospitals where the physicians in network are on staff, you see some Epic of course and a few others.  Over at Hoag and I think this is still current too, you have a subsidiary of Aetna that owns the HIE technologies used to connect medical records too.  In addition, there’s yet another subsidiary of United that wants to be the electronic medical records over at Optum Insights.  Well if Epic is the system in use at a hospital no problem getting the payment side of Epic connected to this subsidiary of Untied with a company they created to be a clearinghouse to work with the practice management side of Epic.  Also United has a few subsidiaries that sell medical records and HIE services direct too. 

OptumInsight (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of United HealthCare Optum Division) Creates Medical Clearinghouse Integrated With Epic Practice Management Software-Subsidiary Watch
NextGen Healthcare Continues Growth in the California IPA Market

To kind of keep up with all of this from the hospital side in the OC, we saw Hoag Hospital and St. Josephs merge to create a new company too so again on that side things are changing as well as they might find better representation here as a bigger group when negotiating contracts with physicians groups as large as Monarch too.  You read about contracts every day in the news between hospitals and big physician and insurer groups and here you have a very large health insurer owing the MD groups too.  While all of this is going on too with the hospitals, it’s kind of relative to point out that unrelated to this group, but important to think about here is that a few months ago six hospitals in California went on the block for sale that were financially strapped.  In addition it’s interesting to look at the MemorialCare Hospital System and Cedars Sinai now starting up a Venture Capital firm and it appears Memorial is kind of in the driver’s seat here with this so again hospital systems looking at pooling money to invest as United has been doing for years with technology and writing more and more and more software. 

St. Josephs and Hoag Hospital In the OC Form New Healthcare Network Combining Hospitals
Two Big Non Profits, Hoag Hospital and St. Joseph Announce An Affiliation For Better Healthcare in the OC

Across the country back in the Northeast there’s also this other United company that is crunching all kinds of medical records from Mayo and other healthcare groups to license corporations like Boston Scientific to see how their devices are performing.  That was just in the news..and is the Memorial Healthcare system next to join?  I have no idea of course but just pondering based on the number of other systems that have joined and to me it kind of competes with the Sentinel program the FDA has set up.   CanReg, yet another consulting subsidiary is also there to help drug companies and devices companies get their products in front of the FDA and approved.   A number of years ago insurers, hospitals, etc. were all going to donate but it looks like things have changed a bit here as there’s money in those records today,just one more side of the “data selling epidemic” we have in the US today.  I guess we might wait and see?  McLaren Health systems recently joined the Optum labs group from Michigan as they have gone through a series of layoffs throughout their system and some facilities are phasing out Licensed Practical Nurses. 

Boston Scientific Joins Optum (United Healthcare) Labs - Research for the Good With Profits Built In For Those Providing Medical Records And Data…

Over in the Texas area you now have United Healthcare opening up Urgent Care Centers and I kind of some what said in satire if you will, wondered if these will be across the streets from major hospitals?  How many more of these will appear?  Memorial care has a small network of urgent care centers already here in California and could they be bought by the big corporation at some point in time?  It’s just an interesting question to ponder.

United Healthcare Now Entering the Urgent Care Clinic Business To Help Keep Patients Out of the ER, Two More Opening In Houston–Subsidiary Watch

One of the biggest lawsuit settlements came from the down from the US Supreme Court last year that now enables doctors to group together to litigate unfair business practices with health insurance companies.  How does this work when the physician’s group is owned by an insurance company?  I just find it to be an interesting question as how do doctor’s groups like Monarch group against another owned subsidiary if there were issues to settle?  We have this going on in the northeast and the other hospital associations in Texas and California jumped right in on the lawsuit that is directed at cutting Medicare MDs out of network.  The Supreme Court law cited below made this possible.  Then you also see some strange things out there too with United kicking out $175k for fix hammer toe that floated through their system and the company bidding and winning a Medicare Advantage contract in Maryland where they had no providers to see patients. 

US Supreme Court Rules Physicians Can Work As A Group To Fight Unfair Business Practices of Health Insurers–Victory Over United Healthcare (Oxford Subsidiary)–Context Once Again With Contracts

It’s just makes one wonder how well managed big corporations as such can be with all their data and again if something doesn’t seem right, ask questions.  I don’t know if United is doing it or not but it wouldn’t surprise me as Cigna, Humana and Aetna are all now evaluating your voice and state of mind when you speak with their call centers so again put the mixed up data here, all the analytics to get into every inch of our brains and sometime you just might wonder how efficient is the system really and what are we really accomplishing here at times? 

“This Call May Be Recorded for Quality Purposes”..Heck Not, Millions of Algorithms Have Been Turned Loose to Listen To and Analyze Your Voice When You Talk To Your Insurance Company As Algorithms Continue To Take Over the World…

I feel it’s important for folks to realize how connected everything really is out there and again be a skeptic if something doesn’t sound right as you might be right and this case alone shows huge multiples of data have to be renamed, re-organized and not to forget how other subsidiaries may have an impact as well as well know the insurance business answers to shareholders first and patients second, been that way for years and nothing is changing it appears either.   Here’s a post from the archives that has a bunch of links if you want to explore additional United subsidiary companies and what they do.  Recently as in the LA Times there have been some articles written too on how the company themselves with a lot of this shuffling around is having issues as well staying on top of what they do too.  BD

With Claim Denials, How Well Do Insurers Really Know What Their Own Policies They Sell Cover..

Memorial HealthCare IPA
DMHC ID#: 10238

Jan 1, 2014 merged into Monarch Healthcare, all lives & providers absorbed by Monarch, dropped from 2014 inventory

Kurt M. Tamaru, MD, CEO, CMO
1100 East Willow St
Signal Hill, CA 90755-3433
Phone:  (877) 266-4472
Fax:  (562) 981-9521
# Contracted HMO Health Plans:  9
# Total HMO Contract Lines of Business:  15
# Clinic Sites:  1 *
Medical Director:  Kurt M. Tamaru, MD, CEO, CMO
Web Site:
           see (A UnitedHealth Company)

Managed by (MSO):  Independent Physician Management, LLC, Affil of OptumHealth Holdings, LLC (SoS#199824310079)

Also Known As:
     Legal Name: MHIPA Physician Two HoldCo, A Medical Corp, dba Memorial Healthcare IPA (DMHC#10238/SoS#C3346154)
     Acclaim IPA (DMHC#10681)
     Anaheim Memorial IPA (DMHC#10029)
     Long Beach Memorial IPA
     Memorial Health IPA (MHIPA)
     Memorial Health IPA-Long Beach
     Memorial Health IPA/Orange Coast
     Memorial Healthcare IPA, A Medical Corp (DMHC#10238/SoS#C2086218-converted-out)
     Memorial Healthcare IPA/Anaheim
     Memorial Hospital of Long Beach IPA
     MHIPA-Anaheim Memorial IPA
     MHIPA-Orange Coast IPA
     Orange Coast Memorial IPA (DMHC#10290)
     Seal Beach Family Medical Group, Inc (FNP#42047)

*  (applies only to Group Practices, Community Clinics, Universities, and County Govts)

Group Name & Contact Info
Counties Served
Enrollment Types

Monarch HealthCare
DMHC ID#: 10263

Bartley S. Asner, MD, CEO
11 Technology Dr
Irvine, CA 92618-2302
Phone:  (949) 923-3200
Fax:  (949) 923-3498
# Contracted HMO Health Plans:  12
# Total HMO Contract Lines of Business:  19
# Clinic Sites:  7 *
Medical Director:  Nancy S. Boerner, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Web Site:
           see (A UnitedHealth Company)

Commercial   Yes
Medi-Cal         Yes
Medicare        Yes

Managed by (MSO):  Monarch Healthcare, A Medical Group, Inc, Affil of OptumHealth Holdings, LLC (SoS#C1736319)

Also Known As:
     Legal Name: Monarch HealthCare, A Medical Group, Inc (DMHC#10263/SoS#C1736319)
     Monarch Coast-Fountain Valley
     Monarch Coast-Huntington Beach
     Monarch Coast-Irvine
     Monarch Coast-Newport Beach
     Monarch Family Healthcare (DMHC#20160)
     Monarch Healthcare IPA
     Monarch/Anaheim Memorial Medical Center
     Monarch/Garden Grove
     Monarch/Orange Coast
     Monarch/Orange County
     Monarch/Saddleback Memorial Hospital
     Monarch/San Clemente
     Monarch/South Coast
     old Memorial Healthcare IPA ) MHIPA Physician Two HoldCo, A Medical Corp, dba Memorial Healthcare IPA (DMHC#10238/SoS#C3346154)
     old Memorial Healthcare IPA, MHIPA Physician Two HoldCo, A Medical Corp, dba Memorial Healthcare IPA (DMHC#10238/SoS#C3346154)

*  (applies only to Group Practices, Community Clinics, Universities, and County Govts)




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