No this doesn’t mean everyone can go to Colorado and get free medical marijuana, although you can go there and buy it legally, medical or otherwise though.  This program is indeed aimed at helping veterans wean themselvesimage off of prescription drugs and be able to get relief from pain.  We have all read the stories on the tremendous amount of drugs that many former soldiers take due to injuries incurred while in battle. 

Right now as it stands the VA still bans physicians from recommending state-legal medical marijuana for patients, so this is where this group comes in.  If a little weed helps versus a heavy dose of oxycodone, why not as I would think the latter is much more addictive as you have to do is read the news with not only vets but consumers everywhere overdosing.  Look at what’s happening at CVS stores with addictive pain killers. 

CVS Drug Stores Could Face $29 Million in Fines For Losing Track of Prescription Pain Killers At California Stores - Don’t Worry About Tobacco So Much And Go Hunt Down That Missing Vicodin..

In order to qualify for the program Vets need a prescription from a doctor so as I stated above, you won’t get one from a VA doctor right now so other sources of private MDs will have to do the prescriptive work after a consult I would guess.  It could be good for PTSD symptoms too.  Again too the marijuana can be in a cookie too so there’s no need to light up for relief either.  Right now the program is limited to the state of Colorado but hopes to grow to other states soon.  Even the Silicon Valley folks are in to scientific weed as well using data research to make it better. 

Silicon Valley And The Cannabis Connection-If Our Software Technologies Are Stressing You Out, We Have Weed Science And We’ll Make Money There As Developers and Other Technologists Discover Writing Code for Weed, Merging Real and Virtual World Values

This will fix you up better for pain than an app could promise to do I think:)   BD 

A new group in Colorado plans on providing cannabis to U.S. military vets as an alternative to using narcotics to treat physical or mental illness sustained during military service. The cost to vets? Nothing.

Called Operation Grow4Vets, the group intends to give away free marijuana, cannabis-infused oils and tinctures, as well as marijuana plant growing equipment, to qualified veterans.

"By providing veterans with free marijuana, related products, and other assistance we hope to help them reduce or eliminate the number and amount of prescription medications they are taking," Roger Martin, executive director of OG4V, told The Huffington Post. "Thus, allowing them to lead productive lives."

To qualify for OG4V's program, a veteran must have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and must have received a recommendation from his or her physician for medical cannabis as treatment


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