Diabetes testing strips like drugs have now gone generic too.  This has not gone undisputed though as you can read at the link imagebelow where J and J filed a patent violation against the company we have “strip wars” now I guess you could say.  There was also speculation that J and J could possibly entertain buying the company.  So far that has not occurred and no updates on where this patent dispute is right now. 

Johnson and Johnson Files A Patent Violation Lawsuit Against Decision Diagnostics For Making Glucose Test Strips That Work With J&J Lifescan Ultra Meters–Stick Wars

When you look at the cost savings, it’s substantial and those who have insurance may not be affected as they probably have a co-pay but for those who have no insurance, paying $15 for a 50 count box versus $50 or $60 is substantial as the product is bought repetitively.  I see them on EBay already.  Here’s a site where you can read some additional information as well from users.  Unistrip1 was cleared by the FDA in December of 2013.  The strips work with several models so check your device and see if it is one covered as you may have to change to use the generic strips. 

OneTouch ® Ultra ® test strip brand, UniStrip Technologies introduces the UniStrip1™ generic blood glucose test strips for use in LifeScan's ® OneTouch ® Ultra ®, Ultra ® 2, UltraMini ® and UltraSmart ® blood glucose meters are the ones I see listed that can use the strips.  BD 

Admani expects the UniStrip1 strips to be marketed for about $15 per 50-count box or less, compared to the current cost of $50 or $60 per vial. The strips are compatible with the OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2, UltraSmart and UltraMini meters.

"We created UniStrip1 to fill a giant unmet need in our healthcare system," Admani said. "Our test strips are highly accurate and cleared by the FDA to use with LifeScan OneTouch Ultra meters. People with diabetes can now test at the levels they're supposed to, and do so affordably."



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