We live in the era of flawed data.  This 62 year old woman had to go to the ER with chest pains and then gets a lab report back imagestating she was on meth.  First of all chances are there are not too many folks at that age on meth let’s say and second of all when another test was done, it came clean so we have a false positive test lingering on her medical records that she wants removed as she’s never been a meth user. 

When you watch the video, listen to her story as she’s guilty as heck in the conversations with the hospital.  This is the scary part of the situation on how it was handled with her.  The nurse was adamant that “it’s on the test” so again guilty before investigated?  The woman takes diabetes medicine and is worried about it lingering and being misinterpreted in her future care, which could happen.  She has a good point as to why does this have to remain on her records.  BD 


"It was devastating," she said. "I just don't do that stuff . . . A doctor might think let's not worry about it because she's a meth head. I don't want it on my records . . . I don't live that kind of lifestyle and I don't want people to think that I do."

KCTV5 spoke to a TMC spokesman Friday morning about the woman's concerns, but never got a response.

Earlier this week KCTV5 reported that TMC recently had a problem with numerous false positives for the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia.

After seeing those reports, Pam Harrington spoke to KCTV5 about her experience. Harrington fears the stigma of the test result and how it will affect the medical care she receives.

"I told them I wanted this off my record because of my diabetes medicine," she said. "Anything might happen with my aging. I don't want somebody to see that and think I can't give her this medicine, that medicine or we can't treat her for this."



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