Further details of the Restoring Active Memory (RAM) program should be released in the next fewimage months. The brain implant would be used to treat victims of amnesia, a mental disorder in which victims block out information associated with an overwhelmingly stressful event, and could also be used to treat victims of Alzheimer’s diseases.  The Obama administration if you remember pledged $100 million toward the project about a a year ago. 

Of course there are things to be wary of as well with the possibility of manipulating brains of individuals as well for not so good use.  The chip is targeted for military use for right now.  If a soldier were injured in the line of duty and can’t remember his/her family that would be very worthwhile of course.  BD 

The White House's $100 million "Brain Initiative" is set to unveil the progress government researchers have made in restoring the memory of injured brains. Focused on soldiers who have lost recollection of certain events due to traumatic brain injuries, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has been working on implants that allow for the restoration of memory. The research also has implications for those who suffer from Alzheimer's and other conditions. RT's Lindsay France has more details on this ground-breaking research.



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