Here we go, yet one more spot to make information available as the very complex business analytics systems of current day health insurers and and are subject to change frequently.  I guess this group feels they can work with data better than HHS and CMS? image In addition plans to include state Medicaid plans.  Do they pay the states to provide such data?  I just thought that was a good question to ask as someone has to pay for all this expensive data work along the line as even non profits need money from somewhere.  Perhaps the insurers are footing the entire bill here?  I don’t it’s just kind of odd to me that we have this instead of more support for the Feds in working with health insurance rates so I don’t know, a tug and pull here? 

Yes indeed as more insurers are hiring more Quants to analyze their business structures and view their bottom line profits across many working groups and subsidiaries this gets to be complex.  It’s all about writing code and more data presented and queried in yet another format, maybe adding on some new queries that we haven’t seen before.  We certainly are not short of options out there to click and read.

Health Insurer Actuary Jobs Becoming More Difficult In the Era of Killer Algorithms, Can’t Function Like They Used To As Information Changes Take Place Daily And Hourly, More Insurance Companies Are Seeking Quants to Create New Math Models, The Next Level Up From Actuary Calculations

As business models become more complex there’s more research time than ever for the consumer as sometimes what was there yesterday, changes today.  Again with subsidiaries of insurers growing all the time, the management of all of this gets complex as well and here’s an example too where an insurer bids and wins a Medicare Advantage contract and then due to narrow networks on the other business unit, finds out there’s no doctors to see the patients on the contract that was awarded.  Data contributors are listed at the HCCI page as Aetna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare.  If you are in to “infographics” there’s a ton of them over there created with number crunching.  I have grown tired of most infographics that I see out there anyway as many are marketing and done to substantiate some report someone did, and really don’t have time for them but occasionally though there is a good one that comes out.  BD

The new portal will aggregate data from commercial health plans along with Medicare Advantage and Medicare health plans, if states agree, the group's announcement outlined. The site is expected to be used not only by consumers but also by employers, care providers, regulators and payers.Three major insurers are partnering with a not-for-profit group to provide consumers with greater access to healthcare cost information, the group announced Wednesday morning.
Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare will work with the Health Care Cost Institute to provide consumers an online look at price and quality of various healthcare services. The new portal is expected to go live in 2015.


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