If you read the news how much up and down have you seen from HHS and CMS with trying to find a model that works?  I don’t they model very well and especially after the roll out of Healthcare.Gov I wonder if they do model much at all. image There’s been some changes to Hospice reimbursements and as well know anymore anything seems subject to change at any time. 

Last year I had to use a hospice service for my mother and I stayed with a non profit.  There was no way I wanted a for profit with a choice of Evercare owned by United Healthcare given as I would have analytics probably shoved at me the whole time, as that’s how they predominantly function. 

At any rate Palladium Equity Partners hired a banker to put Jordan up for auction, so there’s a bunch of employees and patients kind of up in the air right now as when a new owner comes in things change as far as operations, accounting, etc.  Everyone seems to be in some way dumping some of the old and disabled along the line due to expense it appears.  BD 

Home-care and hospice company Jordan Health Services is on the auction block, according to people familiar with the matter.

Private-equity firm Palladium Equity Partners LLC recently hired an investment bank to pitch Jordan Health Services, which it acquired in 2010, according to the people. The company could fetch between $300 million and $400 million in a sale, said one of the people.

Based in Dallas, Jordan provides home and nursing care to patients in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and has more than 22,000 patients, according to its website. It is one of the largest home-health-care providers in Texas, according to one of the people.



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