We have to stop and take a look at where this comes from and it rolls down hill.  I might get my head bit off here but it’s sad but this is the reality of what we have out there.  Even the White House is one big “template” today and we hear stats, stats, stats, stats…in so much of what gets shared with us and most of which doesn’t touch any of us directly or have any direct impact on our lives.  Yes I get a little vocal on Twitter with ‘magpie tweets” that again are stats, stats, stats and more stats too.  It’s like what have we become?  Are we that brain washed to anytime when we see a number or report that we “think” is has importance?  image

Doctors deal with the real world every day and we have a name for that: patients.  Of late too again the data on the doctors, over and over and over and over and none of it is your or my doctor so what gives?  What was learned by having that data?  It was nothing that touched you or me but made for a news analytics article.  I’m not against intelligent reports that give “intelligent” information but I never saw anything so nuts in my life where the media was pounding on us “this is important” you must look at it. 

So back on track when I watched the Anderson Cooper VA interview in Phoenix, all I could here was words about their stats, meeting their goals, nothing really about any concern about the vets that died.  It was so obvious.  I went and read on some of the message boards and sure enough there was a bundle of information where vets were talking about their issues and didn’t take long to find so I guess nobody looks at that either.  It has to be data that’s on Facebook that you can sell I guess to get anyone motivated..and that is sad. 

VA Hospital in Phoenix A Broken Model of Care With Health IT Scheduling Implementations Where Virtual World Values and the Real World Collide, A Deadly Case of “The Grays”…

This is really bad and it could have occurred anywhere.  We seem to just have a virtual White House that works a template day in and day out with little imagination.  It’s nothing like it used to be when I looked forward to reading what the White House had to say and I don’t real all of it, don’t have time but what I do get is just the same type of templated correspondence wanting me to yes again add my name to something and I got tired of that a while back.  It doesn’t go anywhere.  I call it “The Grays” and  we all get caught up at some point somewhere but the return back to reality is the important part here and I don’t see some folks doing that and it’s scary.  You end up with all these weird perceptions of things that are not true (Sebelius was the public queen in that area) and it’s nonsense.  In the case of the VA, nobody had enough sense to make a left turn to save a life. 

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

Again I think it’s a wake up time for all to take a look and see if you’ve been Algo Duped or talked into something that used quantitated justifications for things that are not true.  So what is Nabors going to report?  Are we going to get a run down on stats from each facility?  Are we going to do some “human” things or be “stat rats” and accept what ever numbers are thrown out? 

White House Assigned Deputy Chief of Staff To Review VA Patient Safety Rules & Scheduling, A Horrific Case of “The Grays” Where Virtual and Real World Values Clashed & Created Deadly Toxic Environments

So how will we find the “bad guys” here?  Is is that bad to where the confusion of virtual versus real world values is disrupting people form doing their jobs?  I read an article the other day about a conference about “how to create happiness in the work place”.  I know there’s always new ideas but darn a two day convention on things that used to come to us naturally, or for some of us it still does.  

From The Grays”….

“We see stock values way over inflated on what we place on virtual technologies.  When you take social networks, for the most part, what do you have?  You have a bunch of apps that connect you to something or someone and it’s all code, data and queries stored on servers. No tangibles here to speak of other than the cost of the hardware and yet we see stocks go way out of line here.  Sure there’s value but not to the levels of what we are seeing.  Come on, huge stock price values and IPOs on data and apps sitting on servers somewhere?  They are intangibles and they are out of balance with the values placed on the “real world”.  We need both, and boy am I seeing some very confused folks out there any more. 

Data has value, no doubt but you are marketed as well and and your value as a human compared to an algorithm, well it’s not very good.  With complexities today and marketing, watch people on a dating site.  It’s like going into a store with way too many decisions and then you are given more opportunities for some “click bait” to view even more and the site makes money as you move through a series of pages through ad exposure.  You have some very smart mathematicians that know how to work you and keep you coming back.  In other words don’t find your match, just keep coming back as the site will entertain you and keep you convinced that you need it.   This is another form of the “gray” areas as meeting someone online is hard enough as you meet them a fraction at a time.  So add on all the other money making noise and they got you. 

It was kind of funny today that I read an article that Google is doing to do a study “to learn how people work” so is that ironic? They seem to hire quite of them and after how many years in business they don’t know how people work?  I read another article that said employees at Google can’t separate their work from their personal lives..hmmm..a little gray here too?  It’s kind of funny they need a study as we all kind of know, and self included you have to shut it for a few hours, days, etc. to get your feet totally back in the real world.

We can keep pushing and pushing but it’s time to take a look at our methodologies…as I said below, people don’t work that way.  Analytics can help us with decision making for sure but when we are so far over on the other side and some numbers are lying to us..what we doing?

“People Don’t Work That Way” A World of Broken Software Models That Don’t Align To the Human Side,Too Much Push At Times With Only A Proof of Concept That Fails in the Real World..

Time to stop and think as this will continue if we don’t take a deep breath once in a while and ask ourselves is this the real world or is it virtual and do the two mix?  I have ran this by a lot of people and have not had one yes disagree with me about people being confused with what’s a real world value and what’s a virtual and the problems it’s creating.  So are we going to be cold hard stat rats and believe in all the numbers or get back to some human values here?  Watch video #1 in the footer and you’ll get the entire drift of this post and how you get sucked in, the professor does a good laying it out for you.  Visit the Algo Duping page if you want to see more on how you get fooled and at least become a skeptic when you need to be as technology is being used against you with people that know how to do it and suck you in. 

We need a culture change in a bad way.  BD


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