Here we go again and I wrote about this situation from reading the news like everyone else but first off “programming is freaking hard” so let me state that right up front.  The public and the government are pawns for technology companies today and you can see it in Washington DC pretty clear.  I’m amazed and both scared watching Google manipulate the RNC and Heritage Foundation too as they have been able to make inroads and not disturb the favorite past time of discussing and attacking women’s health, which is what I feel their default topic when they get lost with technology so they can run out and take charge of something.  Here’s a past blog post here and again who ever in the world determined that all this code could be accurately written in the short time frame is the real bone head here along with the rest looking for some “algorithms fairies”. 

Oracle Pulls 100 Programmers From Cover Oregon Insurance Exchange - Remember They Were the Only Contractor That “Did Not” Withdraw Their Bid When the State Upped The Anny With Additional Social Services Coding Added

I can bet Oracle probably wished they would have pulled their bid at this point as if there were any company that stood a chance of getting the job done it is Oracle as they bump and grind and integrate technologies for a living, have done it for many years with creating good enterprise software, and who knows what type of data systems, etc. they got into here as governments are not known for being up to date and always having good quality of data to start with.  Digital illiterates out there today, and they are everywhere expect miracles, look no further than Kathleen Sebelius at HHS.  She wanted to “hurry up” Health IT and the letter she and Holder sent out telling everyone they were “billing cheaters” just reaffirms the frustrations that those who don’t understand, take as an action to show they were doing something.  I said back in 2009 this would happen as you have an IT intense agency like HHS and it was not place for a novice as the extreme intelligence of the insurers would put her behind the 8 ball every time and we lose as citizens every time the dupes take place.  .  Furthermore before her departure we had this, a request for the Inspector General to investigate the HHS contract, so I asked, how many Oracle, Red Hat, Jboss experts does the Inspector General have as last I remembered the White House had to go find some when Healthcare.Gov when south. 

US Consumers and Government Are Learning a Cold Hard Reality Lesson About IT Infrastructure Complexities With Models and Algorithms Thanks to Health Insurance Exchanges

I’m sure we have advanced in knowledge at the FBI too since the “stolen code” case of Sergey Aleynikov  and it’s an interesting post from my archives here as the FBI investigator didn’t know what “subversion” was, which more besides me got a kick out of reading.  By the way the case of stolen code here is again being prosecuted by the state of New York after a judge threw out the federal case.  Everyone in technology kinds of marvels at the digital illiteracy in this case as well.

Former Goldman Programmer Sergey Aleynikov Case–Digital Illiteracy of FBI, A Duped Jury-How Goldman Played It And Is Still Not Accountable for Their Own Risk Altering Models…

Well at least this time it won’t be the deadly subversion misconception here:)  Again if the state would have stuck to just building an exchange, the story would have been different and again who was the person looking for some “algorithm fairies” here thinking that this was all possible in this time frame?  Its kind of starting to look a bit like a political CYA here if you will. 

So again this will be interesting to see what route this takes and again we have digital illiteracy with decision makers at the core in my opinion.  We saw it last week with the SEC with Mary Jo White with the “Sebelius Syndrome” stating “markets are not rigged”.  We just have too many folks that can’t tell the difference anymore between virtual and real world values but one thing for sure, the real world is not going away anytime soon and values from virtual world hurt the real world as the bliss rolls on.  I saw on the news the standing ovation with Sebelius at the President’s evening on Saturday with the annual event with journalists with Sebelius and you know I usually like that event but this year it just seemed to represent everything “that is wrong” with gilded perceptions in the US.  It scares me as well to see the White House being more of a templated operation these days too and now seeing Obama and Biden selfies out there as well.  I think “The Grays” now are all the way up to the top of our leadership from what I am seeing, and it scares me.  I can’t figure out where they are coming from at times. 

What’s even more interesting here too is that Larry Ellison himself gave this warning a few months ago with the Q and A at a recent HCM conference and said be careful with artificial intelligence that’s smarter than you.  Oracle is in the business to create software and platforms that lead to efficiencies for companies, not data mining and selling information as you see done with the likes of Facebook and others, so they are in a very different space with what they do and have done for years. 

“Markets Are Not Rigged” Spoken Like A True Data Mechanics Novice, It’s Like Sebelius at HHS All Over Again, Looking For Algo Fairies at The SEC, One More Government Agency Wrapped Up in “The Grays”…

I’m just amazed that there are very intelligent smart folks out there that try to educate an let people know the truth but stuff like this keeps circulating.  I keep my videos at the Killer Algorithm page out there for that purpose to help people understand some of the complex math models and IT that runs everything.  Take in some good videos there when you have time, with people a lot smarter than me.  Go figure where this investigation is going to lead.  Maybe folks will come out of the bliss perhaps? 

Secretary Sebelius at HHS Resigns, Wrong Person In Wrong Job For Too Long But What’s Coming Next? Does Replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell Have A Hint of Some Data Mechanics Knowledge Outside of Economics?

Here’s something that’s worth a good read on how difficult programming is and I recommend it to open eyes to all on just how complex and difficult programming is today.  We don’t have a lot of algorithm fairies flying around out there.  This is part of the reason I don’t want two write anymore and wanted a little “life” back if you will.  Here’s a short line from the article written by a programmer and it about says it with the extreme amount of brain power and focus needed. 

“So no, I'm not required to be able to lift objects weighing up to fifty pounds. I traded that for the opportunity to trim Satan's pubic hair while he dines out of my open skull so a few bits of the internet will continue to work for a few more days.”

Ok so coming back around, what’s the next chapter in Cover Oregon going to be I ask?  Sure there were errors all the way around and again I ask will this be like the “Sergey” snow show that Goldman pulled?  Are we really going to find criminal activity here?  You might with the government officials but when it comes down to the entire situation here with what went wrong, it’s not going to be there and there were way too many players here that lead to the end result. 

Again I’m not going to put Oracle on the spot here and I’m sure they will dig through and do some soul searching here too on what their entire portion was as well as that’s the way technology companies function.  If they don’t nobody learns.  Like I said earlier if there were any company that could have pulled this off it was Oracle as again they bump and grind and integrate the enterprise for a living and perhaps too they might look back and wished they had walked like the subsidiary of IBM and a few others did when someone came along and said “we can do this” and at the time Oracle was already involved in working on the social services portion anyway.  So use your head here and let’s see what happens as the old fashioned “witch hunt” tactics don’t work well in today’s complex world and politicians are finding that out, one case at a time.    BD

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into problems that plagued Oregon's implementation of the Affordable Care Act, after the state was forced to scrap its problematic health insurance exchange that was never fully functional, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The FBI has already interviewed some individuals as part of their inquiry, which was first reported by local station KATU and the Portland Oregonian last week.


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