Aver CEO Kurt Brenkus is a former United Healthcare employee who directed 14 global service centers.  The funding was from GE Ventures and Drive Capital.  The company was founded in 2101 and you can see the use described in the paragraph below imageof using Optum (United Healthcare) products to integrate.  We have seen things like this before where United employees go out and do their own thing, build up the business and later end up being acquired or partly acquired i.e. 51% controlling interest by United or one of their subsidiaries.  This increases the United/Optum foothold in the Health IT business. 

It will compete with the likes of TriZetto (who also uses some Optum software products for claims editing and pricing).  Interesting is it not how United or the Optum business is integrated in so many places?  You can find United hiring data scientists that work with this technology through out their systems too, so there’s your modeling for risk assessments in here and probably some software licensing to be paid by Aver.  We see the same efforts with companies like Red Brick that use Optum software for their employer wellness programs.  BD 

Health care organizations can use Aver Informatics to understand the true cost of care by connecting all the diagnosis and procedure codes associated with a member, including doctor visits, prescriptions, follow-up and emergency visits. The medical coding reference from Optum is integrated within the application so you don’t need to be a coding expert to find the data you need. This data is pulled directly into the Aver application from Optum's data utilizing an Application Programming Interface (API) -- a source-based specification used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. Aver Informatics can provide faster access to the disparate data required for performing quality benchmarking, validating pre- and post-payments, stratifying risk, understanding utilization and much more.

Kurt Brenkus, President and CEO of Aver Informatics, advises other vendors looking to integrate referential data in their systems to be very diligent. “Because coding information drives so much of clinical decision-making and analysis, it is important to work with proven and reliable data. We chose Optum because of the breadth of their information and the many clinical and coding experts that augment it. We also liked the simplicity of integration using industry-standard protocols.”



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