Optum Labs was put on the map when they and Mayo Clinic developed their partnership whereby Mayo contributes patient records with claim information for crunching and analytics.  It was a no brainer with Mayo probably looking for new imagerevenue streams as in 2013 they mad $67 million in excess revenue from an intake of around $9 billion, so do the math as things are not getting much better.  Now we have Boston Scientific in as a “founding partner” and I’m not sure entirely what that designation really means and I wasn’t sure either as to what role AARP plays either other than being an advocate to promote with patients.  AARP as we all know is kind of a store front for selling United Healthcare insurance. 

UnitedHealthGroup and AARP Get Cozier, AARP Still Gets Paid for Marketing Use of AARP Name As AARP Becomes an Optum labs Data Selling Promoter Amidst Doctor Complaints Received Relative To United Firing of 5500 MDs–Subsidiary Watch

149 million records are there to crunch at Optum labs.  This is a data scientist’s haven if you will to work with big data and find out what’s working and what’s not, just like the FDA Sentinel program was set up to do, so this kind of competes you could say as there will be data and reports to sell.  The Shared Clarity operation of United mines and runs analytics on data with their hospital systems so I am guessing the from the Clarity server more data gets shifted over to Optum labs.  Clarity server is used by Kaiser and many other types of healthcare operations to run their intelligence reports.

United Healthcare Adds McLaren Care Health System Into the Shared Clarity Data Mining And Selling Venture Along With Dignity Health

In February Optum Labs added seven partners including pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the University of Minnesota Nursing School, the American Medical Group Association, Boston University School of Public Health, and Tufts Medical Center.  Partners kick in some money to pay for the research they do so I’m guessing this is a license type fee to research all the records. 

More Data For Sale Soon With Shared Clarity With United Healthcare Labs and Dignity Health–Crunching Numbers on Medical Devices With Shared Clarity

As I initially reported there will be data for sale somewhere along the line here and it might appear to be what was researched and explored via use of the patient medical records, so Boston Scientific might be licenses to get in there and dig around for patient chart information relative to their products.  I am also guessing that as owners Mayo and others participate and get some kind of compensation as ‘member” owners for their donation of the medical records for other to dig through and analyze.  As I understand there are number of apps that have been built to allow others to work with the data. 

More than 20 major research initiatives are currently underway at Optum Labs.  From  clinical trials to analyses of observational data; the effectiveness of various medical devices; research into geographic variation in care patterns; and the most effective approaches to consumer engagement and treatment.  Some time during this year some publications are expected to be published so be ready for more “data news” as we have no clue as to what kind of an impact the releases will have.   We’ll know when it hits the news as far as anything substantial as the queries and apps will be running at a flurry.  Humana has their data deal too.

Pharma and Health Insurance Companies Pairing Up, Humana’s Analytics Subsidiary and Lilly To Figure Out How to Save (Make) Money and Provide Better Patient Care–Selling Research Data That Competes With FDA Sentinel Initiative

I’m sure Boston Scientific will be anxious to dig around for data on how their products are performing.    Again as I have said before the FDA Sentinel program was supposed to do the same thing as what we have here but now there will be money made with having access and selling reports and other data when released.  You can read below what the FDA Sentinel program from the government is doing by comparison where you have research” for the good” without profiting.  BD

FDA Sentinel and “Mini” Sentinel Data Base Is Growing and Becoming A Very Useful Tool

The Sentinel Initiative began in 2008 as a multi-year effort to create a national electronic system for monitoring the safety of FDA-regulated medical products.

The Initiative is the FDA’s response to the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA) requirement that the FDA work with public, academic, and private entities to develop a system to obtain information from existing electronic health care data from multiple sources to assess the safety of approved medical products.

FDA Moving Toward Major Infrastructure Overhaul And It’s Getting Complicated – Partnerships With Other Government Entities is Key for Success

NATICK, Mass., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston Scientific Corporation BSX -0.70% has joined Optum Labs as the Founding Medical Device Partner to help pioneer new research into effective treatments for heart failure and related cardiac conditions. Optum Labs is an open collaborative healthcare research and innovation center founded in 2013 by Optum, Mayo Clinic and also joined by AARP as founding consumer advocate organization.

Optum Labs brings together major national health care leaders dedicated to improving patient care through the sharing of information, technologies, knowledge tools and scientific expertise. With access to an unprecedented, high-quality pool of de-identified claims and clinical information covering millions of lives, Optum Labs innovators are focusing on many of the biggest challenges and opportunities in health care today. More than 20 different research initiatives are currently under way.



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