This is probably a good move to speed this process up since many pharmaceutical companies have and are looking at moving more trials to India.

More information can be read here about the changing face of Pharma in reference to research and development. 

One more area to think about too is the use of technology with clinical trial reporting to get that on computer as much of the information is still being written and reported in longhand. 

Genomics also plays into this as well as far as the reporting functions as smaller groups can be used and information is gathered while the study is in progress, we are able to get the clinical information faster.

One other item that I mentioned this week too was the use of Personal Health Records in locating and finding participants.  This has a very promising outlook to cut down the chase and get the qualified candidates that the R and D process of the trial is looking for. 

Acurian is a service that helps find candidates, so combine some personal health records information from Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health Services to further eliminate non qualified candidates and you may have a real winner here too such as is working towards.  I would look for more involvement very soon with the agencies doing the qualifications and marketing for candidates real soon so perhaps a push from their direction as well for growing the personal health record too.  In the meantime I guess we shall wait and see what the committees come up with as far as any acceleration, otherwise to India and China many go.  BD

Want to start a cancer study? That could take some serious, time-consuming lawyering.

But soon academic researchers, hospitals and companies looking to collaborate on clinical tests of cancer treatments may be able to speed things along by using standardized contract language.

Earlier this week the Justice Department told the CEO Roundtable on Cancer that it didn’t see any antitrust problems in a consortium of companies working on boilerplate legalese that could save time in putting together study contracts. The National Cancer Institute is also on board.


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