Back in July I had the opportunity to chat with Rohit Nayak from MedPlus and at that time he stated that an EHR from MedPlus was on the way, wellimage it’s here now.  You can use the link below to explore some of the offerings from MedPlus that we discussed.  Care 360 is also involved in many RHIO projects across the US as well.  See the related links below for even more information.

Quest Diagnostics and Health IT – Interview with Rohit Nayak, Vice President of Sales, Clinical Information Solutions Group, MedPlus

Physicians can also use an iPhone to get patient lab results.  If you want to try out Care 360 e-Prescribing, check out the 6 month trial offer currently available.  Quest Diagnostics works with Personal Health Records, Google Health and HealthVault so patient labs can be accessed by the patient.  If you are a physician you would need to enroll first to allow this to occur. 

Sean Nolan over at HeatlhVault stated that Lab information and data is some of the richest information available today for helping patients gather and populate the information for their PHR. 

Care 360 Lab results online have been available for quite a while and even several years ago when I was still writing my EMR, I wrote an interface to bring the results into my program.  Why deal with paper when all this can be done online and move the next level up.  If labs are ordered online, the patient doesn’t have to worry about losing that slip of paper for the lab order, and gee, stop waiting on snail mail and get your results faster for your patients. 

I have many links on this blog for Quest and MedPlus, just do a search on the second search box and you will find them all.  Be the “informed patient” and “informed MD” and read up and get involved as technology can certainly take much of the leg work out of all the stuff you are doing by chasing paper.  I mention participation, and to relieve yourself of some of the frustrations, take a few minutes and learn about Quest/MedPlus and other technology solutions, you’ll be happy you took the plunge and simplify some of your healthcare tasks.  BD

From the Website:

MedPlus offers a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on enabling the physician in the ambulatory setting to provide the level of care they desire in the most efficient manner possible.

MedPlus offers a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on enabling the physician in the ambulatory setting to provide the level of care they desire in the most efficient manner possible.

The web-based (ASP) Care360™ suite of solutions is currently used by close to 70,000 physician practices nationwide. At the heart of the Care360 solutions is an innovative, secure, HIPAA compliant platform that removes all the complexities associated with traditional client-server type solutions.

Flexibility is essential to all of the Care360 solutions, which are built on cutting edge technologies that ensure your practice is well positioned for future initiatives1. This offers several compelling advantages to your practice such as:

  • Simple Interoperability
    • Seamlessly connect with other systems via web services 
  • Instant Connectivity & Communication
    • Securely messaging any user on the nationwide Care360 network
    • Out of the box communication with patients via industry leading Personal Health Records (PHR's)
  • No Costly Hardware Requirements
    • Only requires PC with browser and internet access
    • Affordable monthly subscription model
    • Rapid/Affordable Implementation
    • No costly/time consuming upfront implementation
  • Instant/Transparent Product Upgrades
    • Single instance, web-based architecture enables us to upgrade the system without impacting your practice

Since all of the Care360 solutions are built on a single web-based platform, it's an effortless transition from one solution to another because there is no added installation or implementation required. When you decide to upgrade we simply activate the additional module remotely, provide additional training and you are ready to go!

The following Care360 components are available:

Contact us today to learn about how the Care360 suite of solutions can help you streamline your practice.

MedPlus is the healthcare information technology subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics and Care360™ is a registered trademark of Quest Diagnostics.

Technology Solutions for the Physician Office

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